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Girasol Exclusive Big Sur 4.6M with Fringes Girasol Exclusive Big Sur 4.6M with Fringes
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Girasol Exclusive Big Sur, originally released in 2008, was designed by a California native, and is named from a beautiful region in central California where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.

  • Girasol wraps are made with only untreated pure cotton, which is neither prebleached, nor chemically trimmed.
  • There is no use of Formaldehyde, halogenorganic compounds, aromatic amine or optical brighteners.
  • There is no further chemical treatment or glaze.
  • Our selected weavers master the special diagonal weaving technique, which guarantees the slings elasticity and durability.
  • A doubled seam prevents the edges from pinching.
  • You can wash the sling at 60 Celsius in a washing machine.
  • The slings are given extra length to compensate for shrinking, which happens to untreated cotton.

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Girasol Exclusive Big Sur 4.6M with Fringes
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