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This is a fake auction to test the new auction feature at Hyena Cart and define the rules of the game. You will not be responsible for paying anything to anyone at the end of this auction, nor will you win anything. But please submit a bid if you get a chance, to familiarize yourself with the setup.

Proxy bidding

Bidding on a Hyena Cart auction is done by proxy. You enter the maximum amount you would like to pay for the item. If it is higher than any other current bids, you will be the high bidder, and the item price will be the minimum amount required to obtain the high bid spot. If subsequent bidders attempt to outbid you, the HC auction will automatically place bids for you which are greater than the new bids, up to your maximum bid amount. If you are outbid, you will receive an outbid notice by e-mail.

You can raise your proxy bid by entering a bid higher than your current max without changing the bid price of the auction. For example, if you have bid a max of $50 and the current high bid is $45. You can raise your proxy bid to $80, and the current high bid will remain at $45 until another bidder enters a higher amount.

Bid retraction

I realize mistakes can happen -- typos, children, etc. If you mistakenly enter a bid, please contact me so that I can delete it from the database. Please try your hardest not to utilize this option. Repeat retractors will be blocked from purchasing at Hyena Cart.


At the end of the auction, the seller will contact you to finalize payment and determine your shipping choices/details of a custom order, etc. You don't need to make shipping selections at the time of your bid. They're listed simply for your information.

Your bid is a contract

Please remember, by placing a bid on a real auction (not this one), you are entering into a contract with the seller to honor your bid. Non-paying bidders will be blocked from purchasing items at Hyena Cart.

Note about this fake auction

This is not something that I would request in a real auction, but for the purposes of this test, please limit your bid to $10 or less higher than the current maximum bid. This will just keep the numbers more realistic and prevent enthusiastic testers from entering $1000000.00, or something like that. If the bidding does get out of hand, I may go and delete some bids from the database. Rest assured, this wouldn't happen during a real auction unless a bid retraction was submitted.

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Flat rate shipping

Shipping options (winner will choose at checkout time):

  • ship a....$1.00

Current bid: $1.00
Time left: 175 days 5 hours
 Auction ends September 9, 2019, 9:54 pm EDT
 *or 2 minutes after the final bid*
Number of bids:0 (starting bid $1)
High Bidder:

This item is being offered by auction at Hyena Cart! If you would like to place a bid, please enter your maximum bid below (note that, for your privacy, only the portion of your e-mail address before the @ symbol will be displayed in the history list). To read about Hyena Cart auctions and to place a practice bid, please visit the Fake Auction. Please note, non-payment may result in being blocked from future purchases or having your Hyena Cart account deactivated. Thanks!

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