INTERESTED IN CUSTOMS?? Please email me at I am in the process of getting my Family Child Care going in full force, but still have time here and there to knit! I'd love to hear from you! Thanks! :) Bridget


Shop Policies

I know...

But as boring as they are... they're necessary ;-)

All purchases at "Squeakin' Cheeks" are final and refunds are only taken on a case by case basis!  I will not take any returns due to normal wear and tear of an item.  I am a very cautious knitter and I NEVER knot my ends, but carefully weave them in and out behind my work.  Knots can come untied, and my woven ends will NOT come undone!  But if you have an issue, make sure to contact me and we can discuss the problem!

The $10 custom fee is non-refundable UNLESS I am unable, for some reason, to finish your custom. 

I will ship orders First Class or Priority; it's your choice!  If you'd like insurance, please let me know, otherwise items will be sent without it!  I've found First Class to be very fast and inexpensive.  The Post Office told me that there is no difference in the quality of care the package receives, it is just a day or so later than Priority!

All sizing is "approximate" because, although I base my sizing on the stitches per inch as I'm knitting, even that isn't always exact.  But I do my best to get my measurements as accurate as possible!

The "actual" colors could also vary due to either the lighting during photography of the yarn colors OR due to the way your computer is outputting the colors.

I want you to be pleased with your purchase, so make sure to email me at with ANY questions!!

Thank you!!  :) Bridget

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