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Mar 1, 2013
Item:Small "Tulip Stripes" Girly Longies
Customer service:
Product review: Adorable longies, love them! Quick shipping too, thank you so much!
2013-03-05 10:47:17
When purchased:
Jun 23, 2012
Item:*REDUCED* Flower Fun Sleep Sack
Customer service:Perfect, quick shipping
Product review: Great, super cute and great workmanship. Can't wait to order more!
2012-07-06 04:38:49
When purchased:
Mar 5, 2012
Item:RESERVED Custom Creepy Critter Cocoon & Hat 4 Leala
Customer service:Top notch customer service. You get to see photos of your item in progress which is very neat.
Product review: Well made and very cute. Fast shipping and quality work.
2012-03-08 05:35:24
When purchased:
Jan 23, 2012
Item:"Kitty Face" Budgie Bloomer Capris
Customer service:Amazing Customer service
Product review: Beautiful, perfect Kitty Face Capris!!! thanks so much!
2012-01-27 09:26:29
When purchased:
Dec 30, 2011
Item:**REDUCED** Scrappie Newborn Longies
Customer service:Fast shipping!!
Product review: Excellent longies!!!
2012-01-05 10:53:18
When purchased:
Apr 9, 2011
Customer service:Great cs
Product review: Love our custom Hello Kitty Budgie Bloomers...absolutely perfect!
2011-11-12 03:13:49
When purchased:
May 17, 2011
Item:RESERVED 4 Shannon Custom Triple Ruffled Capris (price reflects FINAL cost after deposit)
Customer service:She is top rate when it comes to customer service. Friendly and goes the extra mile to make sure you get what you want.
Product review: So adorable, so unique, love her work.
2011-07-23 12:30:09
When purchased:
Jul 5, 2011
Item:RESERVED Custom Budgie Bloomer Hip Skirtys 4 Shannon
Customer service:Perfect customer service, great communication, such a great WAHM. Highly recomend. A++
Product review: SO cute, so well made and so unique. We get compliments everywhere we go. Top quality.
2011-07-23 12:26:54
When purchased:
May 24, 2011
Item:RESERVED Custom Kitty Longies 4 Melissa
Customer service:Excellent cs!
Product review: These are the absolute cutest custom Hello Kitty Budgie Bloomers ever. We love them!
2011-06-29 11:01:38
When purchased:
Feb 21, 2011
Item:RESERVED Custom YYMN newborn longies set of 2
Customer service:Wonderful CS as always! That is why I am a return customer!!
Product review: Flawless knitting! Thanks!!
2011-06-27 08:50:34
When purchased:
Jun 3, 2011
Item:Pastel Rainbow Longies & Hat set 0-3 months
Customer service:
Product review: Very adorable! Not due till Oct so it will be awhile before I get to use it. Can't wait!
2011-06-06 04:18:08
When purchased:
Apr 6, 2011
Item:RESEREVED 4 JENNIFER Custom Budgie Bloomer Sheepy Ruffled Capris
Customer service:Great customer service, worked with me to make sure this custom was what I wanted.
Product review: Love these, well made and adorable.
2011-06-04 12:45:03
When purchased:
Feb 18, 2011
Item:Reserved Custom 4 Michelle - Marisol's Birthday BBloomers
Customer service:Customer service is AWESOME! Very easy to talk to and is fast to answer questions!
Product review: Woolies exactly like I wanted and beautiful!
2011-02-28 03:32:33
When purchased:
Feb 3, 2011
Item:**REDUCED & FREE SHIPPING** Newborn Melon Pants
Customer service:Shipped quickly, great customer service.
Product review: Love the Newborn Melon Pants. They are adorable and perfect.
2011-02-26 08:58:56
When purchased:
Jan 30, 2011
Item:RESERVED Custom 4 Leala Hip Skirty Capris 1st Birthday "Budgie Bloomers"
Customer service:They are great Love it
Product review:
2011-02-25 10:25:46
When purchased:
Jan 28, 2011
Item:RESERVED 4 JAMEE Custom "YYMN" Slot
Customer service:Amazing customer service! She squeezed me in super fast when I needed longies knit for my baby that was due in just a few weeks!
Product review: Her knitting is fabulous and fast!!
2011-02-25 02:03:35
When purchased:
Jan 2, 2011
Item:**REDUCED** Plum/Willow Organic "FULL skirt" Budgie Bloomers
Customer service:fast shipping!
2011-02-08 07:14:49
When purchased:
Feb 4, 2011
Item:Reserved 4 Kalle Custom BB Hip Skirty Capris
Customer service:Bridget is fabulous to work with:)
Product review: Adorable capris....I'll be back for more!
2011-02-08 07:12:20
When purchased:
Dec 31, 2010
Item:*FREE SHIPPING* Grape Seed Stitch 100% Organic Merino Longies
Customer service:Adorable pair of longies. Fast shipping. Thanks so much.
Product review:
2011-01-07 11:05:19
When purchased:
Dec 20, 2010
Item:**FREE SHIPPING** Ragdoll / American Spirit "HIP Skirt" Budgie Bloomers
Customer service:Great customer service!!!
Product review: Well made and very cute!! I would recommend seller to anyone that is looking for that extra special wool!! Very talented mama.
2011-01-02 02:51:16
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