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Newborn/small SUPER girly longies w/ headband-NEVER WORN--REDUCED AGAIN!!!!


We have had a HUGE, very unexpected expense come up and as we are embarking on what will be our last fertility treatment at the very beginning of June, I am trying to sell some of the items I have been hoarding/storing for some time, in order to make sure we are able to cope with this unexpected event and still able to proceed with the treatment. I have listed lots of items for sale. Several new, never used. I will happily answer any questions you have. Please do not hesitate to email! I will gladly take more pictures of items as well! 
WAS ASKING $60, NOW REDUCED TO $55!!! NOW $50!!!!!!
These were custom made using I believe "Aegean" colorway. I do not remember dyer. I can look back to see if this is important to you.  Triple ruffle on the bottom and adorable headband!  NEVER WORN, NEVER WASHED.  I originally listed this set at $60 as it is new and between the cost to have it knit up and the cost of the yarn I have more in it than that. But because we need the money to pay for some unexpected expenses, I am willing to hear reasonable offers.
***I want to make sure it is very clearly stated---we have pets and and we also have a smoker staying with us who only smokes in the garage. We will have to carry the package through the garage to get into the car.***
At this time I am only shipping to the United States as I will be sending my husband to the PO with this yarn and he doesn't want to worry about international shipping.

Newborn/small SUPER girly longies w/ headband-NEVER WORN--REDUCED AGAIN!!!!

Tags: wool, longies, small, newborn, set

For this listing I am charging $5.00 for postage. If this is an overcharge of more than $1.00 I will refund you the difference. If I have way underestimated, I will pay the difference.

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