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Sloomb diaper & wool lot with freebies!


Lot includes everything shown *except Beetle* (those are for trade for a larger size)! 2 pairs new / like new woolies, a dozen diapers, and a sloomb cube! Wool Details ... L/S Aster shorties - EUC! Like new, tried once or twice as little baby longies 6-18 pink (probably Maeve) Basewoolies - NWOS Diaper Details ... Left column - S OBF, L OBF, L OBF, S2 MommyCon exclusive HLC, all GUC Middle column - Snapless, top is NEW, other 3 have snaps added and are in GUC Right column - 4 non-sloomb (2 NEW Imagine Baby pockets and 2 GUC bamboo fitteds) included FREE with lot purchase! Snow Owl sloomb cube also included FREE with lot purchase! *S Beetle longies only for trade for M or M/L in the same. Used diapers have typical EBF staining and MommyCon HLC may have the start of some small superficial OBF holes, but all have lots of life left! Smoke free, teacup Chihuahua friendly home. Possible trades: M or M/L Beetle longies, Deep Sea, Concrete, Nightshade, or Jaeger leg warmers, 6-18 or 18-24 Pinafores, Nightshade or mica stoles (partial trades or plus PayPal as needed)! ***Spots won't let me add photos other than the thumbnail, but I can message them upon request.

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