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Girasol Double Rainbow Diamond Weave 7

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RRDW cream weft size 7. brand new condition, washed, and worn once. This auction is to benefit a sweet Babywearing mama, who had some crazy bills come out of no where during this Christmas season. She is thinking she may have to sell a beloved carrier, that has a huge meaning to her, and I just couldn't let that happen! So anything above the starting bid will be going directly to her. Thank you for helping me Pay It Forward, in the true spirit of Christmas! 

Any questions can be emailed me at kaithekangaroo(at)gmail(dot)com

I have feedback on TBW under skymomma1021 and on the Babywearing swap on Facebook. Email me if you would like the link. :)

Girasol Double Rainbow Diamond Weave 7

Tags: Woven wrap, Oscha, didys mos, natibaby, kokadi

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