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2 pairs of sm/m longies lgh and woollybottoms


2 pairs of longies. The Black pair is from woollybottoms and are upcycled with an interlock waistband. I don’t think these were worn and if they were it was once. The red pair is interlock from little green honu. They have a turquoise octopus appliqued on the leg. These are in fair condition as they were worn quite a bit. 

All items from a smoke and pet free home. Descriptions are brief due to the large amount of items I am listing. Please feel free to message me if you have questions. All listings are paypal confirm and are not removed from stock until they are paid for. In the event multiple people cart the item, I will be sending to the one who paid first. Thanks, and feel free to check out all my other listings!  

2 pairs of sm/m longies lgh and woollybottoms

2 pairs of sm/m longies lgh and woollybottoms

Tags: Small medium interlock woolies longies upcycled Black red

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