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Custom Wrap Scrap Pony

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This listing is for a Custom Wrap Scrap Pony to be sewn the week of March 12th.  Winner to choose a small or large pony with wool or polyester stuffing.  You can add on wings, horn, and/or twisty fringe for no extra charge. 

 Winner must provide a wrap scrap of their choosing.  A small pony or small unicorn requires 20 inches (50 cm).  A small pegasus, small winged unicorn, large pony or large unicorn require 25 inches (64 cm).  A large pegasus or large winged unicorn requires 35 inches (89cm).

Each Wrap Scrap Pony is lovingly handmade, from the embroidered eyes to the fringed tail and mane. His legs are floppy allowing him to stand, sit, and lay. Wrap Scrap Ponies come in two sizes, small and large.  A small pony measures 9 x 9 and a large pony measures 11 x 11.  Small ponies are perfect for children under age 3.  The pony\'s legs and neck are small enough for a baby to grasp.  

Pictures below are examples.

Custom Wrap Scrap Pony

Custom Wrap Scrap Pony

Custom Wrap Scrap Pony

Custom Wrap Scrap Pony

Tags: wrap, scrap, pony, horse, unicorn, pegasus

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