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About Me

Since this store is brand new to Hyena Cart you are probably cautious about who
you are doing business with -you should be!
My name is Karin Baker and I've been doing business on Hyenacart for over 4 years with my store Domino Pads. I've made Domino Pads my career. We also have a successful website for them and are highly reviewed on the DiaperPin. Feel free to check us out on Facebook as well!

I am originally from Germany but have lived. studied, worked and raised a family here in Texas for the last 20 years.
During my years in Germany I studied Art & Design at the Fachoberschule für Kunst und Gestaltung in Nürnberg. The need to create something has always been a major driving force in my life.

Six years ago when I had my first child, I quit my career in Marketing and started making reusable cloth pads. It was important to me to design a pad that could not only compete with the ones available but offered some improvements over existing designs as well. You can read a little bit about my journey to the perfect pad here.

I love my pad business. Cloth pad customers are so much fun to work with. I've 'met' some great women through my business and really enjoy the interaction with my customers.

Occasionally though I am lacking a creative outlet.
For awhile I had a thriving sockcat business on Etsy called Lillycats.
I enjoyed creating the soft, hug-able bodies out of pretty socks and embroidering different expressions onto the cat's faces. A big portion of the profit from this endeavor was donated to an animal welfare group.

I found my new addiction when I started to make a special Waldorf style doll for my daughter's 4th birthday. I actually purchased the doll body and then set out to embroider the face and create the wig.

I had purchased two different art yarns for the hair and none worked out the way I hoped. One skein was simply too small. The other had texture that just didn't fit for the look I was aiming for.
I had started using a hand spindle awhile back and decided to get a spinning wheel to learn to spin my own yarn.
The spinning wheel was an instant love affair for me. I'd complete my orders, get the kids to bed and then spin into the wee morning hours. The highly gratifying thing about spinning is that when you start out you can see improvement in every bobbin you spin.
It's fantastic and so rewarding!

I planned out Nikki's doll, dyed the locks for it and once I felt confident my spinning had gotten sufficient enough to create the 'perfect' hair, I went for it.
You can see the results on the 'About Spinster's Fairytales Dolls' page.

After finishing the doll my obsession with spinning and crafting dolls deepened and I started planning more dolls.
(You've probably figured out by now that I am a bit of a control freak. I like to plan things and I like to have things 'just so')

I learned to make my own doll bodies and made some changes to the original patterns, adding sculpted toes and hands.
I dyed more roving and locks. Sometimes the colors turned out great right away. Other times I had to tweak it. Because as usual I have to have it 'just so'.

When I create the dolls I have an imagine in mind and then design the whole doll around it. A raven feather for example. It looks black on first glance but as you look closer you can see the shimmer and the iridescent colors of blue and green on top of the black. I dye the hair accordingly to that vision and select fabric to develop a costume to go with it. I want the whole picture to convey a certain feeling/impression.

Each doll is unique and special. After all there would be no point in making something that's already available thousandfold.

I never, ever want to produce any 'Disney' characters. I think you or your child will be able to envision your own story with your doll. You don't need a template for you imagination!

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