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Shipping Information+International Shipping Details

I am located in the USA but I will ship internationally. You must select the international shipping for this, if you select first class or priority (these are meant for inside the US only, so I will refund your money to you because I can not ship it for less that the price listed for first class international). All internationally shipped item(s) are shipped without insurance and I will not be held responsible for lost or damaged packaging or product. Also I will not refund you any money for these either. I will ship your purchase within 4 days of received full payment. If you wish to get your package insured please email me first before paying so I may figure that out for you.
Also if shipping is cheaper than it adds up to be. I will refund it to you the difference. I really don't mean to overcharge I just don't want to get stuck paying for your shipping.

I do sometimes reuse boxes to help recycle a little, so don't be surprised at what type of box or envelope you may get. It's just my way to help save the environment.
I will ship to military bases overseas as well.

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