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Wool Soaker, Shorties, and Longies Information

This is the measurements I use when constructing any of my soakers, shorties, longies, skorts or shirties. All measurement are taken without stretching the item. I construct my soakers from my own pattern. It is slightly lower appearing in the rise but has a roomier back side for diaper accommodation. All my soakers have no roll elastic in the waist, unless otherwise stated, and a size tag sewn in the back for easy size reference

To insure a proper fit for your baby measurements of your child should be taken over a fitted diaper. Please be sure to do these as I will not give refunds or exchanges. Measure your baby's waist, around the hips (over diaper), around the thigh, and rise (from belly button to belly button though the crotch).

The item(s) you order will arrive pre-washed but not lanolized. Since I have found out when cloth diapering my own children, sometimes you need more lanolin and sometimes less. I'd rather let you figure out what works best for your child. I know you will enjoy your item since I used to sell on eBay and I received many, many great compliments on the construction and performance of my items. So I'm confident you will love them to.
If for any reason you need to ask me questions please feel free to email me (link below) I will try to reply in a timely manor. Thank you.

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