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Thank you so much for all your support in 2009. Since Feb 10 I am taking a little break to get caught up IRl I have so much going on and I can't keep up and still spend time with my family. I planned on coming back however in April my best friend passed away very unexpectedly and I am now pregnant. With everything that has happened I really need to focus on staying happy and healthy since this is my fourth child and I had some medical problems with our last one. I am sorry for the problems and maybe after my mom finished her physical therapy she might start selling some stuff again. For now- I am on break with to much going on. I also had my main email hacked and I am sorry if you recieved any nasty emails. I had this happen 2 times.

Welcome to River City Boutique

Update May 28th-
June is going to be my birthday! So my mom and I are going to sell off all of our seconds during this month. Regular items can be available on our other congo's.
You might see an occasional regular listing but mostly just seconds this month. Each listing will note the problem and all these items are instock and ready to ship. I am going to try and ship within a week of payment received but it should be  on the next shipping day.
My mom and I have been training my sister to help us with out shipping days. So far she is lint rolling, preparing and packaging the items. I print the label and she finishes the package. I am hoping this will give my mom and I more time to sew. She will eventually learn listings as well as printing of the labels too.
We just cannot keep up by ourselves.
Thank you for understanding
Update- May 1st-
Welcome Hunters! We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful event and we hope you enjoy your visit on our site. If your wondering why we don't have a bunch of stuff listed you can check out congo category and look around we will be offering other items on those congos!
I am hoping to be able to offer more instock items and not just customs. I have done customs for 10 months straight and I barely stocked a diaper. I am so very happy to be on these congos and doing more instock items!
Please bare with us as we are going to be doing some changed to our site over this month of April. We are going to be guesting on a couple congos this month and we won't really have any new items added at this time. My mom just moved in the 1st of March and my husband and I are moving at the end of April. We aren't moving far but it will be our last move. We are settling into a wonderful house and I can't wait till everything comes together. Until then, my customs are closed and I will have instock ChunkiBunz Diaperz listed for the 1st time on a few other congos. Please check out the Congo category for more information.
Thank you for understanding
Hi Everyone,
Welcome to our store! My name is Janel and my mom and I run our Hc together. I make sized, snappiable and Os side snapping fitteds. My mother makes mama cloth, covers and aio diapers. Sometimes we listed a few things my grandmother actually makes so this ends up being a family affair:)
I have 3 boys and they are soo very wonderful!  We are going to hope for one more healthy baby after Oct and Hopefully just hopefully it will be a girl! My dh and I had our oldest very young and we beat the odds and stayed together as many other people said we wouldn't! I went to school, then college and now Im running my own business so I can stay at home with my babies! They are 8, 3 and 1 yrs old. My dh is 29 and I am 24. I run everything out of my home and I make and sew every item from a pattern I designed myself when I was still in school. Since I have been out of school I have changed a few patterns here and there to get the perfect fit!
 My mother has her own items and she has named them BlueJayz Designz because of her daddy! She finally moved back around me and we have had such fun getting everything set back up. She has 4 kids and I am the oldest. She also had her newest grandbaby around a bunch we have so much fun cloth diapering him hehe!
Sometimes we will list items that are from my grandma who got us both into sewing! I have been sewing with her since I was very young! I made my 1st pillow when I was 7 all by myself. She would help me earlier then that lol. At that time her whole basement was a fabric dungeon and we had so many machines and fabric it lined the walls! Oh how I wish I had that room! Maybe one day right?
Well If you've stuck around this long thanks so much for reading a bit about us~ I know theres a bunch more to say but maybe another day Janel and Leta

This store is currently inactive. Please check back another time.


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