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Hi, my name is Rikki, I am a WAHM to 9 children, two are grown now :( So at home I care for 7. I try to live green daily which I admit is not an easily accomplished task with todays market! Well, I live in beautiful Northern Arizona and enjoy the cool nights and warm days.
Back in 2006 was the first time I picked up a cloth diaper and would be the last time I touched a disposible!! I fell in love! After trying brand after brand.... I decided I would try to make my own.... So off to the store to buy a sewing machine! A few cut up receiving blankets later, I MADE MY FIRST DIAPER!! I was so proud. I then discovered a bunch of WONDERFUL ladies on the Pregnancy Weekly cloth diapering board who introduced me to all the wonderful material and styles there was to todays cloth diapers! I still thank them to this day - THANK YOU!

After a few months, I had a few people ask me to make them a diaper and after a few good reviews - Daribum's was born! I drafted my own patterns, with Darius and Makenzi as my medium, medium long, and large models the diaper came to life! YAY!
In 2009 I lost my Grandmother after she suffered a stroke and I decided to open a Hyenacart with the nickname she called me growing up "RikRak", my Grandmother had such a passion for sewing, she always loved to make my clothes, my dolls clothes, and bedding! I will always thank her for her patience and love and for pathing my way to a sewing machine and always putting Ric Rac on my clothes! ;)
Today I offer you RikRaks, If you EVER have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime! ohfritisdrees@aim.com Also, 

Thanks so much! If you have made it this far, thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Rikki aka "RikRak", Brent, Kayla, Alessandra, T.J., Chris, Ethan, Darius (whom Daribum's is named), Makenzi, and Damien


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