Little monster Size 1 Daytime Little monster Size 1 Daytime
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This instock and ready-to-ship Size 1 daytime Fitted Cloth Diaper in a fun"little monster" print can be used on babies from as small as 8 pounds (3.6kg) all the way up to 22 pounds (10kg).


This diaper is fabricated of a outer layer of stretchy soft cotton knit print, a hidden layer of absorbent Organic hemp and an inner layer of Organic bamboo velour.


This diaper also features a snap in trifold organic bamboo soaker made of two very absorbent layers of organic bamboo fleece with a coordinating organic cotton velour top. This soaker can be snapped in the back or front depending on the gender and where you feel you need the most absorption. When folded in three you will have a total of 9 layers. This soaker can also be folded in four for more leg movement on smaller babies or to have 12 layers of super thirsty bamboo!!!


This diaper has a fold down rise for a better adjustment on smaller babies since it reduces the bulkiness that snap up rises create.


Please note that this is a regular nighttime fitted diaper and does not have any PUL or fleece to contain wetness. It requires a cover to be waterproof. I suggest using a wool or fleece diaper cover for maximum breathability!


All my Organic bamboo and hemp fabric have been pre washed in hot water and dried a total of 6 times. To be fully prepped to reach maximum absorption typically it should be washed up to 10 times.



OUTER LAYER: Cotton interlock knit print

HIDDEN LAYER: Organic Hemp Bamboo fleece

INNER LAYER: Organic unbleached Bamboo Velour

SNAP-IN TRIFOLD SOAKER: Two layers of absorbent Bamboo Fleece and topped with lime coloured organic cotton velour


This diaper has been serged with Wooly Nylon for ultimate comfort!


PLEASE NOTE: A pre wash is recommended to remove any markings made during the creation of this adorable diaper!


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Little monster Size 1 Daytime
Little monster Size 1 Daytime
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