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Sep 19, 2010
Item:Old MacDonald had a Farm
Customer service:fast shipping and positive experience!
Product review: still loving our bows!
2012-05-03 03:00:04
When purchased:
Nov 5, 2011
Customer service:Great as always
Product review: Super cute!
2012-01-14 06:35:56
When purchased:
Jun 21, 2010
Item:Owl Set
Customer service:Perfect, thanks so much!
Product review:
2011-11-29 06:31:51
When purchased:
Aug 2, 2011
Item:Polka Dot Flutter
Customer service:Always a pleasure! Thanks!
Product review: Love our Pretty Pretties!!
2011-08-21 02:41:47
When purchased:
Jul 24, 2011
Item:Retro Flowers
Customer service:Quick shipping! Thanks Brandy!
Product review: Wonderful clips! Perfect size for my dolls!
2011-07-28 05:06:08
When purchased:
Sep 29, 2010
Item:Miss Kitty
Customer service:super sweet WAHM
Product review: favorite clippie one of my daughters wears everyday
2011-04-04 05:32:47
When purchased:
Dec 13, 2010
Item:Snow Lady
Customer service:amazing customer service
Product review: love the product can't rave enough!
2011-04-04 05:27:43
When purchased:
Dec 17, 2010
Item:Melanie Custom
Customer service:love this WAHM and the clippies are a hit in this house of 3 girls
Product review: can't wait to get more. Can't get enough!
2011-04-04 05:25:49
When purchased:
Mar 23, 2011
Item:Bitty Farm Set
Customer service:The shipping took forever. The packaging was not as shown on the website. I would not order again, because it took so insanely long to ship. Something that is in stock should NOT take two weeks to arrive.
Product review: Clips are beautiful! I love them so much, and they stay in my daughters hair well.
2011-04-04 05:07:09
When purchased:
Mar 12, 2011
Item:Fuzzy Tail
Customer service:Very good! Perfect packaging...smooth transaction.
Product review: Beautiful hair clips! Can't wait to have my daughter's wear them!!
2011-03-30 04:41:47
When purchased:
Nov 4, 2010
Item:Rebal Chick 2
Customer service:Awesome, as always!
Product review: We are a repeat buyer and we are never dissappointed will be back for more.
2011-03-20 01:18:32
When purchased:
Nov 22, 2010
Item:The Rebel
Customer service:Super fast shipping and amazing customer service!
Product review: Adorable, and super well made. So unique! We will definatly be back for more!
2011-03-20 01:17:58
When purchased:
Feb 28, 2011
Item:The Bunny Hop
Customer service:
Product review: Another group of adorable clips! We love out Pretty Pretties!
2011-03-16 04:03:49
When purchased:
Mar 1, 2011
Item:FFS Orange Mix
Customer service:fast shipping, great seller - thank you for offering the drawing!
Product review: so cute! now to convince my daughter to keep them in her hair...
2011-03-07 10:28:08
When purchased:
Feb 5, 2011
Customer service:Fast shipping, great communication!
Product review: As always, high quality and as described!
2011-02-22 09:51:55
When purchased:
Jan 19, 2011
Item:Mags Legs Collab 1
Customer service:Quick shipping. Very quick responses.
Product review: The clip and the leg warmers are so cute together. My daughter loves them!
2011-02-15 12:25:14
When purchased:
Jan 13, 2011
Customer service:Fantastic!
Product review: As cute as can be! LOVE!
2011-01-28 05:18:39
When purchased:
Dec 14, 2010
Item:FFS Holiday Trio 2
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Adorable hair clips. My Dd loves them.
2010-12-30 11:29:37
When purchased:
Dec 13, 2010
Item:Snow Lady
Customer service:Great!
Product review: These are really high quality hair pieces. I'm am very impressed with the workmanship. I love the strawberry one especially, and I'm sure I'll be back for more later!
2010-12-25 10:45:25
When purchased:
Dec 12, 2010
Item:Rainbow Bright
Customer service:
Product review: Adorable clips
2010-12-20 03:19:53
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