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pianissimo: a musical direction meaning very soft;

the superlative of piano. abbreviation pp


Pianissimo Cloth fitted diapers are the ultimate in softness, absorbency and trim fit!

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Usage and Care Instructions



Fitted diapers are meant to be worn underneath a waterproof cover made from fabrics such as PUL, wool or fleece.  However, many families use fitted diapers without a cover.  Pianissimo Cloth Fitted Diapers are designed to enable babies to go without a cover for long periods of time before the outer fabric begins to feel damp, and to keep absorbing all night when paired with a cover.    


All fabrics used in Pianissimo Cloth Fitted Diapers have been prewashed to minimize shrinkage.  Once you’ve inspected your new diaper for defects, please wash and dry before using.  Expect your diaper to reach peak absorbency after several cycles of washing and drying.  Fabrics such as cotton and bamboo contain natural oils which hamper absorbency; once they have been washed out your diaper will be fully absorbent.   As an added precaution, please wash your bright and dark coloured diapers separately, or with a load of dark clothing the first time or two.  This is not necessary once the diapers have been prepped.   Please consider washing bright and dark coloured diapers that also contain light coloured fabrics with a commercial colour catcher sheet, such as Shout Colour Catchers, for the first several washes.


We recommend washing in hot water, using ¼ to ½ of your regular amount of detergent and drying on medium heat.  Ideal detergents do not contain fragrance, dyes or enzymes.  Do not use chlorine bleach or most fabric softeners.  Do not use traditional diaper creams or salves with your PC Fitteds.   Look for a rash cream that specifically mentions that it is safe for use with cloth diapers.  There are plenty of choices, as more and more companies are offering this option.  Bum Bum Balm™ was our personal favourite. 



General Cloth Diaper Usage


Many people are intimidated by the idea of caring for cloth diapers, but it’s really quite simple and not a lot of extra time is required. 


In between washings, store used diapers in an airtight pail.  Solids should be shaken off into the toilet before the dirty diaper is placed in the pail.  There is absolutely no need to dunk and swish diapers until every last trace of excrement has disappeared.   Most inner fabrics of cloth diapers readily release solids, and many families find that an inexpensive, easy to install diaper sprayer removes any stubborn remnants.  The bowel movements of exclusively breastfed infants are water soluble and can go straight into the diaper pail with the soiled diaper. 


How often you wash diapers will depend on how many diapers you own and how many children are using them.  It is not recommended that you go longer than 3 days between washings.   On wash day, simply dump the contents of the diaper pail into the washing machine.  Run a cold rinse cycle to remove the majority of the dirt.  Follow this with a full cycle on hot, using ¼ to ½ of your regular amount of detergent.  Run an additional cold rinse cycle and line dry or put the diapers in the dryer on medium heat.  

Additional Cloth Diaper Care

Over time, diapers will lose some of their softness.  A small amount of plant based fabric softener may be added to your wash routine, restoring the softness to the fabric.   It is very important to use a natural fabric softener. Traditional fabric softeners are loaded with unhealthy chemicals and will coat the surface of your fabrics, making them repel water.  Some natural fabric softeners you can use are Ecover and Natureclean.

If you buy used diapers, if your diapers are retaining an odor, or if your child has been sick or had a yeast infection it may be necessary to strip your diapers.  Hot water is the most effective tool when stripping or sanitizing diapers.  Temporarily turn your water heater up to its highest setting.  (Don't forget to turn it back down!)  If this is not possible, add kettles of boiling water to your machine.  The water should be at least 122°F.  To strip, add a small amount of Dawn dishwashing detergent and wash the diapers on a full wash cycle. Rinse on cold until the water runs clear.  Dawn is a very high sudsing detergent, so please err on the side of caution.  You can always add more Dawn if needed.  With front loading washing machines in particular, it is very important to add only a very small amount of Dawn, or to avoid stripping altogether.   To sterilize your diapers add oxygen bleach to your hottest wash cycle and let the diapers soak for 2 hours. Rinse twice on cold.   Never use chlorine bleach, as chlorine is very damaging to textiles. Please note that the above instructions should not be a part of your regular wash routine, but as extra care in specific circumstances such as receiving used diapers or dealing with infections or viral illness. 




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