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pianissimo: a musical direction meaning very soft;

the superlative of piano. abbreviation pp


Pianissimo Cloth fitted diapers are the ultimate in softness, absorbency and trim fit!

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Shipping, Store Policies, and FAQs



All items, except for custom orders,  will be shipped within 2 days of payment.  Orders over $200 receive free shipping within North America.  Up to $20 shipping credit for International orders over $200.   Local customers who wish to pick up in person can enter the code LOCAL to remove shipping fees.  Local customers also have the option of paying cash at time of pickup - either in USD or in CAD, at par, but will not receive shipping credits.  

The following chart gives the weight in kilograms of each of the sized diapers.  These weights are for Minky diapers, which generally are the heaviest diapers I make.  Some cotton knit outer/cotton velour inner diapers will weigh slightly less than the measurements given here.







Weight in

Kilograms (Kg)

for a Minky Diaper














In an effort to make it possible to estimate your shipping charges for various orders, I’ve created a chart with the different shipping options for each weight category.  Please remember to add in the weight of packaging when estimating your shipping.  Packaging generally weighs from 0.010 kg for small packages, to 0.040 kg and up for larger packages.


These prices are not set in stone.  They are the most accurate numbers that I can predict for a general delivery area.  Individual orders may vary.   The current exchange rate will also affect these prices.  The American shipping is based on a Continental USA address.  The International prices are based on a European address, but this will still be a useful tool for those of you in other International countries, as the prices will not vary greatly.  The Canadian rates are based on an address in British Columbia.  All packages ship from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  I always refund shipping overcharges greater than $1.  The delivery times listed are not guarantees, rather they are service standards.  If you have any questions, or would like a shipping quote for specific diapers, please feel free to Contact me International Buyers, please note that import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.  Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to purchasing.




(4-10 business days)


USA Expedited

(4 -8 business days)  


International Air (6-10 business days)  

International Surface
(4-6 weeks)  


Canada Expedited (1-7 business days)

0 kg


0.250 kg











0.251 kg


0.500 kg











0.501 kg


1.000 kg











1.001 kg


2.000 kg











2.001 kg






$25.00 and up


$85.00 and up





$14.00 and up






All items are listed in USD and payments are made through PayPal.  You can pay securely using your bank account or a credit card.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to use the PayPal checkout. 

Please pay for your purchase within 1 hour of clicking 'Buy Now'. Remember that clicking 'Buy Now' takes the item out of stock, making it unavailable to other customers.  Non-payers will be flagged.   If there are unusual circumstances, please email me.  




We guarantee your satisfaction!  If you are at all dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 14 calendar days for a full refund, less shipping charges.   This does not apply to custom orders or items sold as Seconds.  Custom orders can only be returned if the item is defective.  Seconds are sold as is and cannot be returned.  Please contact Pianissimo Cloth before returning anything to ensure that your package will be accepted.   Items cannot be accepted for a refund if they have been washed, used in any way, or damaged during shipping.  If your item is damaged in shipping, please contact us immediately as all items are covered by insurance.




All items are fully guaranteed for 60 days.  This guarantee is void if care instructions have not been followed or if the item has been misused in any way.  Please contact us immediately should you discover a defect and we will decide whether to repair the item or replace it.  Please contact Pianissimo Cloth before returning anything for repair or exchange to ensure that your package will be accepted. Any shipping charges you incur during this 60 day period will be fully reimbursed. 

Snaps are guaranteed for one full year from date of purchase.  In the unlikely event of a snap failure, if the 60 day period has passed, shipping to Pianissimo Cloth will be at your own expense, while repair and return shipping will be free of charge.  If a hidden snap is defective, it may no longer be concealed on the repaired diaper.    



Where can I buy your diapers?


The main cart is stocked randomly, often on Tuesdays.

Pianissimo Cloth stocks at Etsy as well.

How can I get a custom?


I don’t offer custom slots through email.  The only way to get a custom slot is to purchase one through the cart system.  Don’t worry - I offer them regularly on my main cart.   While you can get together with your friends to purchase a custom slot as a group, I can only invoice and ship to one address.  


How quick is your custom turnaround?


I only offer custom slots for sale when I am able to begin work on them right away.  Generally up to 10 diapers are ready within 1 week of ordering. 


How can I find out ahead of time when you will be stocking?


Please join us on Facebook.   I always post stocking information ahead of time.  I encourage you to post what diapers you would like to see stocked!


What is ‘stocking’ and ‘stalking’?


‘Stocking’ refers to the time when diapers become available for purchase.  Most times you can see the listing for the diaper— called previewing—before it actually becomes available at the stocking.  ‘Stalking’ refers to clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button immediately after the diaper becomes available for purchase.  If a diaper is popular, or sought after by more than one person, it becomes necessary to ‘stalk’ the diaper by clicking refresh, or F5 on your keyboard, as soon after the stocking time as possible to be the first person to click ‘Buy Now’ and thus successfully buy the diaper. 


Can someone else ‘stalk’ a diaper for me?


Yes.  Just be sure that the person doing the ‘stalking’ mentions in the comments section that the diaper was ‘stalked’, and who it was ‘stalked’ for. 

What is the difference between the PC Duet and the PC Hybrid?

All PC Duet diapers have a core (the hidden layer sandwiched between the outer and the inner layers of the diaper body) of bamboo/organic cotton fleece.  PC Hybrid diapers have a core of polyester fleece instead.  All other features of the two diaper styles are the same.

What is the PC Hybrid?

PC Hybrid diapers are simply fitted diapers with a hidden layer of polyester fleece.  This polyester fleece is breathable and water resistant, allowing fitted diapers with cotton knit or cotton or bamboo velour outers to stay dry on the outside much longer.  There are two weights of polyester fleece I use - lightweight and midweight, depending on the other fabrics used in the diaper.  A PC Hybrid with a cotton knit outer will be approximately the same thickness as a Minky diaper.    Remember that Hybrid diapers are not waterproof; they are water resistant.  

There are so many fabrics and choices.  How do I choose?

There are so many different ways to cloth diaper and so many different goals parents are trying to meet!   The best solution is to try a bit of everything until you know what works for you.  Here are some more ideas to help you decide: 

If you are looking for high water resistance, choose Minky or Hybrid diapers.

If you are looking for stain free outers that stay very soft, choose Minky.

If you are looking for all natural fabrics choose cotton knit, cotton velour, or bamboo velour PC Duets.  

Whichever style and fabrics you choose, all PC diapers feature cotton velour or bamboo velour next-to-skin, for optimal comfort and health.

What is the content of your various fabrics?


All cotton knits are 100% cotton.  The cotton velour I use is 80% cotton, 20% polyester.  (The polyester is in the backing of the velour, for stability.)  The Bamboo Velour is 70% Bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 2% polyester.   The bamboo fleece I use is 70% Bamboo, 30% organic cotton.  All Minky fabrics are 100% polyester.   All polyester fleece used in Hybrid diapers is 100% polyester.


Why do you use Cotton Velour instead of Bamboo Velour as an inner for most of your diapers?


Cotton Velour will stay softer longer than Bamboo Velour, and will show less wear and so it is my preferred choice for an inner in cloth diapers.  Bamboo Velour is a wonderful fabric, but not as durable as Cotton Velour.   That said, many customers adore Bamboo Velour and so I do try to carry it in stock as a custom fabric selection.


Why don’t you use woven cotton anymore?


There are some absolutely gorgeous woven cotton fabrics out there, but unfortunately there is no stretch to woven fabric, really limiting the size range of diapers using this fabric.  Only a very few PC diapers were made using woven cotton, and have long since been discontinued.  


Why don’t you make a one-size diaper?


It’s possible I will offer a one-size diaper in the future.  At this time, I think that sized diapers are a much better option.  Very few one-size diapers are suitable for newborns, or even babies almost up to 12lbs.  They are just too bulky.  On the other end of the scale, very few one-size diapers fit right up to the 30 or 35lb range, except in some children with smaller rises.  Pianissimo Cloth Medium size diapers will fit many children for nearly the same length of time as most one-size diapers, at quite a bit less cost than one-size diapers made from comparable fabrics.    

What are my options when choosing a custom order?


You may choose the outer fabric, the inner fabric, the snaps and the thread colour.  It is difficult to choose snap and thread colour without seeing the outer and inner fabrics together, so most customers leave that to my discretion.  


Can you make me a completely T&T diaper?


No, I do not offer that option at this time.  


Can I choose Minky as an inner?


No.  Minky is available as a selection for outer fabric only.


Can I choose Cotton Velour or Bamboo Velour as an outer AND inner fabric?


Yes, you can.

How many diapers do I need?


There are many factors to take into consideration, including how often you wash, how frequently your child urinates/has a bowel movement, whether you cloth diaper full-time or part-time, and whether your child sleeps through the night.  Generally, newborns will need 24 to 30 fitted diapers for a 2 day period, and 8 to 10 covers or 4 to 6 wool bottoms.  Once your child is a few months old and wearing size Small you will probably only need 18 to 24 diapers for a 2 day period and 6 to 8 covers or 4 to 6 wool bottoms.  Children using size Medium will need the same amount of diapers as children wearing Smalls, depending on their age.  Often, older babies will only need 12 to 18 diapers for a 2 day period.   Many children will wear size Medium up until they are ready to potty train.  Bigger children, wearing size Large, will need approximately 12 to 18 diapers for a 2 day period.  Again, these are just very general guidelines and will vary from household to household.


What covers should I use?


There are many options for covering fitted diapers.  PUL covers are thin and can be wiped clean and air dried between a few uses, instead of washing each time.  Fleece soakers and longies are inexpensive and easy to care for.  My personal favourite diaper cover is wool interlock, Wild Coconut Wear in particular.  Wool soakers, shorties, longies are soft, durable, breathable, and also do double duty as clothing, meaning less layers to wear.  Wool covers can be air dried between uses repeatedly, and thus used many times before washing is necessary.  Knit wool soakers, shorties and longies are another great option, with similar benefits.  

Alternately, many parents choose to leave their child coverless, particularly at home.  Pianissimo Cloth Minky diapers provide a great deal of protection, leaving the outside of your child’s diaper dry to the touch for long periods of time.


Do you offer co-ops?

I don’t offer traditional co-ops at this time.  


Will you donate a diaper to me so I can review it on my blog? 

I rarely donate diapers in this way, preferring to give free diapers to my wonderful and loyal customers, usually through my Facebook page.  

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