Care Instructions

The care instructions are very different based on whether you are using a PUL diaper cover or pocket diaper versus a wool diaper cover.

PUL diaper cover or pocket diaper:
wash on the normal setting in the washing machine, using a detergent that works well with cloth diapers. I prefer to use Rockin Green personally. You can line dry your diapers or use the dryer, again on a normal setting.

Wool diaper covers:
One of the cool things about wool diaper covers is that they only have to be washed every 2-3 weeks (unless soiled with #2). If they are not soiled, then just let them air out between uses, and cycle them back into your rotation later that same day. When you need to wash them, you can either handwash, or use the ultra delicate cycle in your washing machine. If you wash them with hot water, they will shrink and felt up thicker. There are special washes and soaps available that are specifically designed for wool. I personally use Eucalan. After washing them, you want to lanolize them. There are great videos available on the internet with instructions on how to lanolize. If you do not lanolize your wool diaper covers, you can still use them for light daytime use, but if you want the full benefit of wool, then go ahead and lanolize them. Again, only something you have to do every 2-3 weeks. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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