NykiBaby one-sized diapers

The NykiBaby cloth diaper is made to fit from approximately 8 to 40 pounds. It has two settings to adjust the rise by snapping it down to the smallest setting or extending it all the way to the largest setting. All our NykiBaby diapers have snap closures.

There are several choices of NykiBaby diapers you can purchase from us:
  • Diaper covers made with a waterproof PUL outer material bound with fold over elastic.
  • Pocket diapers made with a waterproof PUL outer material and a stay dry inner fabric of either suedecloth or microfleece. The pocket diapers are turned and top stitched. The pocket opening is a center slit style opening, easy to stuff and remove the insert.
  • Wool diaper covers made with two layers of wool from either an upcycled sweater (generally merino or cashmere) or wool interlock. Our wool diaper covers are turned and top stitched. You will have to lanolize the wool diaper cover once you receive it.

You have the choice to purchase a microfiber insert for your NykiBaby pocket diaper, if you desire.

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