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Hi, I'm Michelle! Wahmommy behind Muttaqin Baby.  I first started making diapers for my second child (I now have 5) mostly because I wanted to make some diapers with very high end quality materials and tailor the fit to her. There weren't many choices in fitted diapers 13 yrs ago :) With each child came a new challenge! My 3rd child was born very small and stayed very tiny, I created the baby shape diapers for her. My 4th fit best in side snapping diapers and number 5 made me realize I needed to enlarge my one size  :) I love creating new things and am always looking for ways to improve my diapers. Sewing is a nice creative outlet for me and I love thinking how one of my diapers will be resting on some sweet little baby out there! 
I wanted to share a little bit about the fabrics I use in my products... first I try to buy from other work at home parents or the little shop. I believe in helping other small businesses in every way I can.  The fabric must be both aesthetically and tactilely pleasing. I look for the best quality fabrics I can find and I don't skimp on this to save money. The high quality fabrics wear the best and look the nicest for the long run. Did I say yet that it has to be SOFT?!  I want your baby wrapped in comfort, the same as I want for my own :)

For information about future stockings and other updates, please join my yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/muttaqinbabyannounce 

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