We suggest that you wash your diapers before first use. All fabrics are prewashed and dried on hot to minimize shrinking and any bleeding of colors. Always be aware to wash with similar colors the first 2 times of washing.

Laundering :

You can use your diapers when you receive them, but they will need to be washed several more times to reach their full absorbency. I suggest washing on hot with whatever detergent you use for your babies clothes, add an extra rinse. When dirty, a warm or hot prewash/soak will help loosen debris and make diapers wash up easier.  Machine dry on warm only, as hot will wear out elastics faster. A note about elastics: never stretch the elastic warm from the dryer, it will relax the elastic and ruin it. At the moment I use polyester braided elastic, very durable with just the right amount of stretch. Any diaper with a pul outer or hidden layer should be dried on hot the first couple times after you receive them to seal any tiny holes that form during the sewing process.


We try to ship in a timely manner, but please note that there can be longer shipping times due to large volumes of orders.  If you need a rush order, please email before ordering.  Shipping and handling fees are based on USPS web rates.

All products are guaranteed against workmanship defects (loose snaps, loose stitching, etc) for 30 days from the date they are shipped to you.

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