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Jan 27, 2014
Item:Newborn Fitted -- Red/Green Ooga Booga
Customer service:Terrible. Have sent 2 emails over the last 5 weeks and have had no response!
Product review: I ordered newborn diapers and loved them so much that when my son needed the next size, I bought 12 3SR. That was seven months ago. Now, the elastics in all but one of the 12 are COMPLETELY shot. They literally disintegrated in my hands. The one that is still like new had a different tag on it, so my guess is a bad batch of elastics - frustrating to say the least, but not unforgivable - stuff happens.

What has really upset me is the complete lack of response I have gotten. I emailed once through the website and once direct to her email from my gmail account and 5 weeks later, I have heard nothing.

I am pretty upset about having to spend more money repairing these diapers after 6 months of use, when I paid a premium for them in the first place. And then being ignored by Michelle to boot. Just terrible.

Do yourself a favour and buy your diapers somewhere else. :(
2015-04-29 10:39:11
Buyer resolution: After finally getting in touch with her and deciding to send them back to her for repairs, she has once again dropped off the face of the earth. She assured me she would have them repaired in a timely manner and sent back at her cost. In June she told me they were almost finished and would be sending them soon. It's now November and I can't get a response to my emails. I wish that I had arranged to have them repaired myself. But after spending $500 on them I didn't want to spend more to fix them a few months later. I'm so sick of all of this.
2015-11-01 08:41:15
When purchased:
Oct 28, 2014
Item:3SR One-Size Hybrid Fitted -- Pandora
Customer service:Great customer service.
Product review: Good quality, would buy again.
2014-12-11 05:16:21
When purchased:
Nov 28, 2013
Item:**SALE**Green Paris Scooters 3SR AI2
Customer service:Wonderful.
Product review: Love all my mutts!!!! Nothing works better for us!
2014-05-13 08:05:54
When purchased:
Jan 10, 2014
Item:Newborn Fitted -- Baby Nay Dotted Elephants
Customer service:Excellent/fast ship and turaround time for customs
Product review: I love Muttaqin fitteds both the nb and the OS 3sr...these and one other wahm brand make up my entire stash of cloth diapers! Trim/absorbent and O so CUTE!
2014-02-24 05:36:28
When purchased:
Nov 22, 2013
Item:Munki Cheese Toast -- 3SR Luxury One-Size
Customer service:Fast shipping!
Product review: Love this fitted. It fits really small babies and looks great. So trim!
2014-02-20 01:31:48
When purchased:
Nov 28, 2013
Item:**SALE**3SR Coverless Deluxe Interlock Fitted -- Football Ooga Booga *new soaker style
Customer service:Fast shipping as usual!
Product review: Love this diaper. So absorbent and cute! Tried it on my son when he was around 8 lbs and it was a great fit and so trim compared to other OS diapers.
2014-02-20 01:31:09
When purchased:
Jan 20, 2014
Item:Springtime Floral 3SR AI2
Customer service:Super easy transaction
Product review: Beautiful craftsmanship
Love the softness and how it stays that way.
Love the print
2014-01-29 07:53:12
When purchased:
Nov 29, 2013
Item:**SALE**3SR Coverless Deluxe Interlock Fitted -- Chevrons
Customer service:Great!
Product review: The diaper is very well made. I use it as a night time diaper under fleece and it works very well.
2014-01-13 11:29:25
When purchased:
Nov 12, 2013
Item:Sugar Plum Fairy 3SR AI2 **SALE PRICE + FREE SHIPPING**
Customer service:Super fast shipping!! Thank you!
Product review: These are adorable! I like that they aren't overly bulky! They look flawlessly made! Thank you!
2013-11-16 01:35:59
When purchased:
May 30, 2012
Item:BabyShape OS AI2 - Winnie the Pooh
Customer service:Fast shipping! Thank you!
Product review:
2013-05-20 01:42:40
When purchased:
Mar 15, 2012
Item:Newborn - Symphony of Blues
Customer service:Awesome!!
Product review: Favorite NB diaper!!
2013-01-07 09:46:15
When purchased:
Oct 13, 2012
Item:3SR Coverless Fitted -- Mockingjay
Customer service:
Product review: Amazing hybrid! I am in love! Wish I had more money for more of these!
2012-12-13 01:58:31
When purchased:
Oct 12, 2012
Item:Newborn Coverless Fitted -- Sleepy Sheep
Customer service:Very prompt shipping!
Product review: This diaper is super cute and so soft!
2012-10-18 04:30:26
When purchased:
Sep 7, 2012
Item:Newborn Original Fitted -- Pastel Butterflies
Customer service:Fast shipping easy transaction.
Product review: Love the diapers !
2012-09-29 01:12:10
When purchased:
Sep 8, 2012
Item:Newborn Perfectly Adjustable Fitted -- Vintage Cars
Customer service:reasonable shipping timeframe
Product review: cute, soft diaper - love it!
2012-09-27 07:54:55
When purchased:
Jul 7, 2012
Item:Newborn AI2 -- Monkeys
Customer service:Great!
Product review: So cute! I can't wait to use them. Well made.
2012-08-23 10:39:54
When purchased:
May 16, 2012
Item:Newborn AI2 -- Things That Go
Customer service:items received on time and as described
Product review: very cute diapers!
2012-08-07 12:03:58
When purchased:
Jul 5, 2012
Item:Newborn Coverless Fitted -- Carter's Tulips
Customer service:Love this diaper so soft and cute ! thanks !
Product review: Perfect newborn diaper! Love the fit, design and absorbency !!
2012-08-02 05:22:05
When purchased:
Jun 28, 2012
Item:BabyShape OS Coverless Fitted -- Baby Nay Luau
Customer service:
Product review: Arrived safely. Lovely lovely diapers that are both soft and functional. I use these without any covers cause they're so cute!
2012-07-30 03:00:04
When purchased:
Mar 7, 2012
Item:Totally Custom Slot #1
Customer service:
Product review: Everything about this diaper turned out perfectly. Since it was a custom, I picked the fabric. Although Michelle did not have enough of the fabric I wanted, she suggested doing a 1/2 and 1/2 of a matching stripe, and I love how it turned out! Same great Muttaqin Baby fit, same great Muttaqin Baby quality.
2012-07-13 01:49:16
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