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Sep 30, 2015
Item:Custom Covers and Pockets
Customer service:AMAZING! Fast responses & excellent communication. A wonderful ordering experience!
Product review: I adore my custom covers! Very beautifully made! Exactly how I wanted them down to last detail. Exquisite. Thank you SO much!!
2015-10-09 08:47:00
When purchased:
Apr 21, 2015
Item:Custom Covers and Pockets
Customer service:They arrived FAST and are amazing quality!
Product review: I absolutely love these! I'm just transitioning from using disposable diapers to cloth and love how easy these are to use for a newbie. I love all the pattern choices and particularly that I was able to get a Deadmau5 print!!!
2015-06-10 12:44:37
When purchased:
May 23, 2015
Item:Mystery 3 Pack
Customer service:Great as always! :)
Product review: The diapers are so darn cute!!!!
2015-06-04 10:06:00
When purchased:
May 20, 2015
Item:Gremlin cover
Customer service:Great!
Product review: This is the cutest diaper I have ever owned. I love it~!
2015-05-25 06:25:16
When purchased:
Sep 29, 2013
Item:Custom Covers and Pockets
Customer service:Amazing customer service! Great communication!
Product review: My diapers were perfect. Excellent workmanship!
2013-10-13 11:43:30
When purchased:
Jan 11, 2013
Item:Custom Covers and Pockets
Customer service:Excellent CS!!
Product review: Wonderfully made diaper! Just perfect!
2013-10-11 02:18:04
When purchased:
Nov 26, 2012
Item:Custom Covers and Pockets
Customer service:Excellent CS, keeps you informed of progress and shipping.
Product review: Can't get enough Mudshrimps! Love them!
2013-02-27 08:14:04
When purchased:
Apr 2, 2012
Item:Mystery 3 Pack
Customer service:Excellent!!!!
Product review: Good quality, good turn around time
2013-01-13 11:07:48
When purchased:
Sep 28, 2012
Item:Custom Covers and Pockets
Customer service:Amazing service yet again. :)
Product review: As always, these are the best pockets. :D
2012-11-13 12:00:38
When purchased:
Aug 8, 2012
Item:Onesize Sushi Pocket
Customer service:Fast shipping!
Product review: Love this print <3
Great quality!
2012-09-29 01:03:50
When purchased:
May 2, 2012
Item:Onesize Groovy Guitars Pocket
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Love Mudshrimps diapers! They are very well made, they fit my chunky monkey nicely and they are priced perfectly! I have 3 Mudshrimps Pockets now and hope to get a few more!
2012-09-23 04:41:07
When purchased:
Jan 31, 2012
Item:Onesize Red PUL/Calaveras Pocket *clearance*
Customer service:Her GPA is a 4.0 in my book.
Product review: A haiku:

Dirty Diaper? Ew.
But in a Mudshrimp? Heck yeah!
She makes diapers fun.
2012-09-21 02:00:43
When purchased:
Feb 18, 2012
Item:Custom Covers and Pockets
Customer service:If every WAHM had service this good, no one would shop anywhere else.
Product review: The only negative thing I can think of is that I am going broke buying more, more, and more!
2012-09-21 01:57:28
When purchased:
Feb 19, 2012
Item:Custom Covers and Pockets
Customer service:Wild thing.... I think I love you. But I wanna know for sure!
Product review: Does she have me brainwashed or something? It's like every time I sit at the computer, I feel like buying a Mudshrimp.
2012-09-21 01:56:46
When purchased:
May 7, 2012
Item:Custom Laminated Woven Covers and Pockets
Customer service:Lightning fast service, sweet as pie emails, and funny to boot!
Product review: Seriously - I think she hides crack in them. They're addictive.
2012-09-21 01:54:48
When purchased:
Jun 29, 2012
Item:Basic Pockets
Customer service:I could only love her more if she provided free maid service.
Product review: The only downside to these diapers is they don't wash themselves!
2012-09-21 01:53:19
When purchased:
Jul 18, 2012
Item:Basic Pockets
Customer service:How many synonyms can I find for awesome?
Product review: Love love love love love my Mudshrimps diapers!!!
2012-09-21 01:52:20
When purchased:
Aug 10, 2012
Item:Basic Pockets
Customer service:This WAHM is the gold standard.
Product review: Why buy anything else???
2012-09-21 01:50:58
When purchased:
Aug 10, 2012
Item:Basic Pockets
Customer service:Awesome sweet wonderful WAHM!!
Product review: These diapers are the bomb diggity!!
2012-09-21 01:50:04
When purchased:
Aug 10, 2012
Item:Basic Pockets
Customer service:A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Product review: Looooooooooooooooooove love love love love! :)
2012-09-21 01:49:35
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