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Monkey Butt Soap Bits are here! Created in 2006, tested in all of 2007 and officially on-line in 2008. These bits have been wildly popular for many years. We're cooking up new scents and more bits to meet the growing demand.

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO TWO WEEKS FOR ME TO FILL ORDERS DUE TO HIGH VOLUME ORDERS,REQUESTS. LOTS OF NEW STUFF STOCKING! PURCHASE TWO OR MORE BARS AND SOAP AUTOMATICALLY GOES FLAT RATE. Any overages in shipping on multiple orders will be refunded to your account. I can fit a lot of soap items in a flat rate envelope. Message me with questions and please do not forget to follow my group on Facebook for updates.

Please be mindful that the temperatures during this summer can cause soap, balms, butters and lotions to soften and melt. Please order with caution during the summer. If they melt or get soft, place them in the fridge or freezer to harden up and it should solidify your products back up. Please beware that shipping prices are going up. I will be adjusting all shipping prices on the store listings over the next few months. Canadian Parcel will change more than US parcel. I hate having to increase prices but it has been a long time since I last did an increase. If you are shopping and are not in the US, please contact me for shipping rates.

Soap Bits Info

Kim's Monkey Butt Soap Bits

DS customers are loving these soap bits, which were developed by Kim for her sensitive-skinned baby, and tested for well over a year now by dozens of mamas. Here are some comments by users:

"I just got mine in the mail and they smell AMAZING, even DH loved them!!"

"great price and neat idea. sweet momma too!"

"I bought a bag about 5 months ago and I still have about 1/2 a bag left. I love the smell, the fact that my LO doesn't get diaper rash, and the ease of use. Thanks so much for making a simple, but awesome product"

"The only complaint is that they will last forever and ever. I won't have many excuses to buy other scents!"

"Had to post and say these are AWESOME. I ordered a bag of the peach and I LOVE them!! It smells delicious. ooooh I can't wait for the watermelon! YUM!"

"My entire family uses the mix on every day clean ups. They smell yummy, (but not overpowering). I left a saturated wipes container in my moms car for over a week, and guess what?---no mildew stink! These really are my favorite, and we have tried so many! I am on our 3rd bag! and not because we ran out, we just love the yummy scents, it's hard to choose just one!"

"Everyone, this mama does GREAT work! We used her bits for over a year & now my ds is PTd. We will be getting more when my next baby is born in November! I never use anything else because all else gave ds a rash! These are AWESOME!!!!"

"This mama makes fabulous soap bits... we've been using them since .... gosh for more than 8 months now it must be! They are great. We use them for clean ups, for wipes, for everything!"

About My soap Bits:
1-2 soap cubes per 10-12oz of water will mix up a wonderful cloth wipes solution.  To be used anywhere, including baby's diaper area, hands, face, body, and for clean ups on tables, high chairs or anywhere else you choose to clean.
Soap bits are Vegan and 98% Natural,.  Made with Cosmetic grade dyes (small amounts), high grade vegetable soaps and oils/essential oils,  and fragrances.   Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and Pthalate free.   Soap Bits that are made with no dyes and or Essential Oils will be stated on their selling information page.    My son was my inspiration for the soap.  I had tried many soaps and wipes solutions on him and never found one that worked the way I wanted it to.  I researched Soap, oils and everything involved and I worked for about 1 and 1/2 years on the perfecting the recipe.  I created my Soap Bits back in 2006 and went officially on-line with them in 2008.   I infuse my own Calendula oil which is put into every batch of soap bits that I make.


Please also be aware that Summertime is a time of hotter months and due to this fact, you are taking a chance with ordering the soap and it possibly melting due to higher temperatures in some states. This has not happened often, but I have had 1-2 instances where it has happened depending on which hot state you live. You can still use the soap even after it has melted, but please be reminded that USPS does leave packages out in the heat all of the time. For this I am not responsible. I am not responsible for them melting in transit but would be happy to work something out with you if this does happen. If there is a problem with the soap once you get it, please let me know immediately. You have up to a week after delivery to contact me. DO NOT LEAVE SOAP IN HOT CAR ONCE YOU GET YOUR MAIL! I will not issue a refund without the product being sent to me and pictures of ruined product help me out tremendously. I am willing to work out something with my customers always if there is ever a problem so do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!
If you soap is all slightly melted in the bag, place in freezer.  If it has fully melted, let soap harden in bag. Once hardened, take out it out and get a knife and cutting board and cut fingernail sized chunks from melted chunk.
Available scents:
Bubble Luscious (FO)
Tropical Blast (FO)
Floral Tea  (FO)
Banana Creme Pie  (FO)
Hawaiian Ginger  (FO)
Berry Bewitching Brew   (FO)
Strawberry N' Tangerine  (FO)
Baby Powder  (FO)
Pina Colada  (Fragrance Oil, No dye)
Vanilla Tarte  (FO)
Peppermint (Essential Oil, no dye)
Pumpkin Spice (FO)
Monkey Farts (FO)
Baby Clean  (FO)  Coming back soon in a new and improved scent!
Pink Sugar (FO, and Vanillin is the natural Colorant for this soap)
Citrus Medley (Essential Oils, light in dye)
Cucumber Melon (FO)
Citrus Medley (all EO's)
Candied Peach (FO)
Vanilla Tarte (FO)
Berry Kisses (also known as Lick Me Allover Scent, but changed the name)
Baby Bee and Buttermilk (FO)
Love Spell (FO)
Mandarin Tiki (coming soon to The Creative Mamas Congo)
Clove (Essential Oil, coming soon to The Creative Mamas Congo)
Snow Angels (COMING SOON)
Doodblebug (COMING SOON)
I am cooking up more new scents, so be on the lookout for new stuff.
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