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Monkey Butt Soap Bits are here! Created in 2006, tested in all of 2007 and officially on-line in 2008. These bits have been wildly popular for many years. We're cooking up new scents and more bits to meet the growing demand.

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO TWO WEEKS FOR ME TO FILL ORDERS DUE TO HIGH VOLUME ORDERS,REQUESTS. LOTS OF NEW STUFF STOCKING! PURCHASE TWO OR MORE BARS AND SOAP AUTOMATICALLY GOES FLAT RATE. Any overages in shipping on multiple orders will be refunded to your account. I can fit a lot of soap items in a flat rate envelope. Message me with questions and please do not forget to follow my group on Facebook for updates.

Please be mindful that the temperatures during this summer can cause soap, balms, butters and lotions to soften and melt. Please order with caution during the summer. If they melt or get soft, place them in the fridge or freezer to harden up and it should solidify your products back up. Please beware that shipping prices are going up. I will be adjusting all shipping prices on the store listings over the next few months. Canadian Parcel will change more than US parcel. I hate having to increase prices but it has been a long time since I last did an increase. If you are shopping and are not in the US, please contact me for shipping rates.

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When purchased:
Mar 13, 2015
Item:Lychee Red Tea Soap Bits, Mini Bag
Customer service:Great customer service, emailed me as soon as my order was placed to verify it was everything i wanted before packaging and shipping it off to me.
Product review: The product works great and smells great, i am very in love with it!
2015-03-30 04:55:25
When purchased:
Dec 31, 2013
Item:Banana Creme Pie-1/2 Bag
Customer service:Super nice mama! Kept in contact the entire time and informed me on my order with all questions I had to ask.
Product review: These are AMAZING! I cant wait to order more once we are settled into our new home :D
2014-03-13 06:32:54
When purchased:
Sep 11, 2013
Item:Summer Melon Spritzer Soap Bits,
Customer service:Great
Product review: Love my soap bits as usual. Summer melon smells delish!
2014-02-07 02:53:22
When purchased:
Jun 5, 2013
Item:White Tea and Ginger Soap Bits
Customer service:Wonderful service and very attentive
Product review: Soap bits are amazing smelling and work great
2013-12-06 09:12:39
When purchased:
Nov 1, 2013
Item:Whipped Butter Peppermint Calendula Baff Bars
Customer service:Customer service has always been good she always responds to my questions quickly. Long time customer:)
Product review: I love these whipped butter calendula bars it's all I use on my son he has baby eczema showers usually just flare up the eczema red but I actually want to give him more baths when using this soap cause it makes the redness near gone(over night) it don't heal him but it's not inflamed after using this I recommend it to many family n friends with skin problems love it :)
2013-11-07 09:48:05
When purchased:
Jun 21, 2013
Item:Rockin' The Stars Baby Baff Bar
Customer service:She has great customer service! If you have any questions you just ask and she'll get back to you very quickly.
Product review: Love the baff bars. My girls love them too!
2013-07-15 05:10:01
When purchased:
Jul 4, 2013
Item:Wipes Solution Concentrate, 2.7 oz Sampler Bottles
Customer service:Yay!
Product review: Yay!
2013-07-14 03:10:02
When purchased:
Jul 1, 2013
Item:Glacier Falls Baff Bars
Customer service:
Product review: LOVE LOVE LOVE these Baff Bars! This was my first time trying one and I am hooked! Smells amazing, lathers nicely, and I love the natural ingredients - leaves you feeling clean and soft. Will be buying lots more!
2013-07-11 04:18:39
When purchased:
Mar 7, 2013
Item:Baby Powder Soap Bits-1/2 Bag
Customer service:Great speedy service!
Product review: I love the soap bits. They smell amazing and don't break my girls out. LOVE them!!
2013-05-06 08:48:50
When purchased:
Mar 22, 2013
Item:Whipped Monkey Butt Butter (For your cloth diapered baby's heiny rashes) 2oz Jar
Customer service:Good!
Product review: Excellent!
2013-05-03 06:32:32
When purchased:
Mar 29, 2013
Item:Lemon Poppyseed Mini Bag Soap Bits, Baby Bee & Buttermilk Sample Slice Baff Bar
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Loved it all!
2013-05-03 06:31:35
When purchased:
Mar 30, 2013
Item:Star Fruit and Mango Soap Bits-1/2 Bag
Customer service:good
Product review: great products as always! love the cubes.
2013-04-17 05:16:01
When purchased:
Apr 3, 2013
Item:Hawaiian Ginger-1/2 Bag
Customer service:Very great customer service!
Product review: I LOVE the soap bits! They don't break my babies out like some other products and they smell so good. I haven't tried the butt butter yet, but it smells awesome! It was hot the past couple days so its a bit melty, but that's understandable with the ingredients that are in it.
2013-04-16 06:33:06
When purchased:
Mar 19, 2013
Item:Whipped Monkey Butt Butter (For your cloth diapered baby's heiny rashes) 2oz Jar
Customer service:Great communication and super fast shipping!
Product review: She is a great seller, we really love the butt butter. It smells amazing, and it works so well.
2013-04-01 10:39:18
When purchased:
Mar 15, 2013
Item:Candied Peach Soap Bits-1/2 Bag
Customer service:Awesome communication, super fast shipping, she is a great seller!
Product review: We LOVE the soap bits, they smell heavenly and leave my son's skin feeling very soft. She threw in some samples and it was a very nice surprise!
2013-04-01 10:38:19
When purchased:
Jan 26, 2013
Item:Baby Clean Soap Bits
Customer service:We Looooooooove our Monkey Butts! Great seller! Always keeps me informed of shipping info, and when there was a slight delay, added some freebie samples to our package!
Product review: These are my favorite soap bits! I love the smell, and they make a GREAT wash. We make a gallon jug at a time, and even after I forgot a wetbag of wipes in a diaper bag for TWO months, the wipes were still fresh and clean with our monkey butts soap bits wash!
2013-03-07 02:04:50
When purchased:
Jul 15, 2010
Item:Love Spell Soap Bits
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Fantastic as usual.
2013-02-20 10:58:25
When purchased:
Oct 1, 2012
Item:Black Cherry Baby Baff Bar
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Love, love, love monkey butt products. We come back for more over, and over again :)
2013-02-20 10:53:22
When purchased:
Dec 19, 2012
Item:Orange Essential Soap Bits-1/2 Bag
Customer service:fast shipping and she even threw in an extra little soap sample! :)
Product review: love the soap bits!!
2013-02-15 10:01:29
When purchased:
Oct 27, 2012
Item:Liquid Wipes Solution Concentrate, 8ozs.
Customer service:Great! Fast shipping.
Product review: Love everything!
2013-01-01 01:27:20
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