HELP US TURN THESE FUN AUCTION ITEMS INTO ALL WE NEED TO FINISH OUR TWO MAJOR DORM PROJECTS! We are making room for more children! At Seed's Children's Home we're helping to add a wonderful family oriented boys dorm to replace the old stinky one room dorm they've been using. AND at Seed's High School, we've been helping fund the building of a new girls dorm. Both projects are almost done - but funds have run out and we're not quite there yet. Building material costs increased significantly during the building process - i.e. The Kenyan government closed the forest and the price of lumber tripled during the project. Have fun shopping our auction and know you are purchasing with a purpose! Lives will be impacted as we finish these two new dorms.

"Run With Joy" 20x30 Canvas - By Jenni Vorderman Photography

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This is one of our most favorite photos that Jenni has captured of our kiddos in Kitale. We love the joy-filled expressions on these little ones faces.
Rescued and being restored - expressed on their beautiful faces.
Even these children that have come from the most difficult circumstances find joy in the simple things of this life.

What a great reminder to each of us...

The winner of this auction will receive this print as a 20"x30" canvas - stretched and unframed.

Jenni Vorderman - has been a treasured friend to Mighty Acorn. We could not be where we are today or nearly as affective without her amazing story telling through her magical photos.

If you need a photographer we would highly recommend her.

"Run With Joy" 20x30 Canvas - By Jenni Vorderman Photography

"Run With Joy" 20x30 Canvas - By Jenni Vorderman Photography

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