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Check out our hand dyed, hand made Pre-Fitted Cloth Diapers, Wool & Micro-fleece Diaper Covers and Mamma Cloth. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have!


About me

Little Bear Bums is a small business, located in the heart of the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana. 
I am a WAHM. I get to stay home w/ my four kids (:  When I started cloth diapering it was only when running out of disposables. I was useing flats w/ plastic pants! Yep, I hated it...
 When making the change for good, I had two little girls in diapers. It was a big job. For those who say it is too hard, too much work..... I laugh! Being mom is hard anyway, yes. It is an extra load of wash every other day. You can make the excuse if you want, but it really is only a few extra steps. (: I really have fun w/ it, and I know those who are really into cloth actually think it is fun also. This may sound strange. (: Whats fun about extra work or washing out poopy diapers? I don't know, but do you know anyone that says disposeable diapering is fun?? (:
I love to make these diapers and have learned alot.  What started out as a hobby has quickly become a business that I enjoy.

If you have any questions at all about my products or anything else, feel free to email me at Also check out Little Bear Bums on Facebook! ......Happy Diapering :)

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