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Doll Stuffing Tool Doll Stuffing Tool
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Wool Stuffing Dowel

Handcrafted stuffing dowel made from strong, yet light weight, rust proof aluminum with a wooden handle. Perfect tool for rolling wool to stuff the limbs of waldorf style dolls. The aluminum dowel is 8 inches long. The dowel is square rather than round, which helps grip the wool to allow it to wrap so tightly and to pull off more easily. If you've ever used a chopstick for rolling wool doll limbs, it's a similar idea but with added handle, making it much easier to use and this one won't break. The tip of the dowel is filed which gives it a fine roughness, just enough to grip the wool on the inside of the limbs, which helps assist you in filling the hole on the inside of the limbs as you remove the dowel. The time to stuff a doll limb is cut down significantly and you have a firm and smooth doll limb with ease. This is the best tool on the market for stuffing waldorf doll limbs. 

How to use:

- tear off a long strip of wool batting the width equal to the length of the dolls arm/leg.

- roll the wool around the dowel twisting the handle every so often to start tightening the wool.

- once the wool is rolled around the dowel, hold onto the wool with one hand, while twisting the handle with the other hand.

- the wool will become very tightly wrapped by twisting the handle.

- while the wool is still on the dowel, push it into the arm/leg fabric. You can twist the wool into the limbs in the same direction the wool was rolled onto the dowel, which makes it so much easier to get the wool down to the bottom of the limb.

- while holding onto the wool inside the fabric with one hand, use the other hand to pull the handle of the dowel out slowly about 1 inch, then push the handle back in using the tip of the dowel to grab the wool from the the sides of the hole in the center of the wool to fill the center hole with wool in place of the dowel. Continue to do this one inch at a time until the dowel is out.
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