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Mar 26, 2012
Anything Goes
Customer service:All around amazing. Great communication and super nice seller to work with!
Product review: Incredible work! I love the shorties- they are simply amazing! Thank you :D
2012-04-28 11:56:57
When purchased:
Nov 14, 2011
Item:Little Blue Snowbird
6-12 month Knit Sweater & Longies Set
by Knoodle Knits
Customer service:Awesome super fast shipphing
Product review: Best money I've ever spent on woolies. Top notch knitting. I'm a knitter myself and this set is amazing in person
2011-12-05 02:57:04
When purchased:
Jun 25, 2011
Item:Old Glory
Crocheted Newsboy Cap & Blanket
Customer service:
Product review: Absolutely beautiful but I had my baby whose head measured just under 14 inches and the hat no where near fit him. I had hoped to use this as a photo prop but instead the hat will go to waste making the assemble incomplete. I was so in love with it and am really sad that it will go unused.
2011-10-25 12:44:02
When purchased:
Jul 12, 2011
Item:The Bitty Pom Knit Hat
Made to Order
Customer service:Thank you so much for the helpful service ! received my hat very quickly in the mail
Product review: beautiful quality - love the hat and have used it several times!!
2011-08-01 03:34:36
When purchased:
Jun 8, 2011
Item:The Bitty Pom Knit Hat
Made to Order
Customer service:Christine went above and beyond to make my hats just right. Excellent communication.
Product review: The hats I ordered are just perfect. They are absolutely adorable, and I will be ordering more in the future.
2011-07-26 12:17:23
When purchased:
Apr 7, 2011
Item:The Matty Hat
Made to Order
Customer service:Good
Product review: Super cute, great quality!
2011-05-05 12:19:07
When purchased:
Mar 1, 2011
Item:Stripes and Stripes
Medium Longies
Customer service:Great customer service!
Product review: I LOVE the woolies. They are even more gorgeous in person! Thank you!
2011-03-07 03:12:57
When purchased:
Nov 16, 2010
Item:Custom Listing
For Amber
Customer service:Perfect customer service! I wish all people were as easy to deal with!!! Thank you!
Product review: The hat is adorable and we love it. Still need to remember to send action shots.
2011-02-19 11:09:46
When purchased:
Jan 13, 2011
Item:The Fjøsnisse Hat
Made to Order
Customer service:Great Customer service. Very easy to work with and great communication! Fast turn around and shipping.
Product review: Beautiful and well made! Exactly what I wanted.
2011-01-28 02:31:14
When purchased:
Dec 22, 2010
Item:Copper Patina
12 mo. Springtime in Hollis
Customer service:
Product review: Beautiful sweater!
2010-12-28 05:26:21
When purchased:
Nov 30, 2010
Item:The Bumble Hat
Made to Order
Customer service:Great!
Product review: High quality product, with great boutique style packaging.
2010-12-25 10:46:28
When purchased:
Nov 15, 2010
Item:Holly Leaves
Customer service:
Product review: Wonderfully knit longies! <3 Christine's artist vision and skills!
2010-12-08 03:39:30
When purchased:
Nov 23, 2010
Item:Custom Maxl Sweater
for Libby
12-24 months
Customer service:
Product review: Christine takes the time to make exactly what you want! Sweater is perfect and matches the holiday longies she made perfectly!!! can't wait until Christmas.
2010-12-08 03:38:30
When purchased:
Oct 9, 2010
October 2010 Custom
Customer service:Christine is SUPER friendly, most helpful and great to work w/!
Product review: The longies are absolutely flawless! We get so many compliments whenever my son is wearing them! Excellent workmanship - I'm going to be using these in his birthday pictures!
2010-12-05 08:49:32
When purchased:
Oct 9, 2010
Item:Candy Corn
Preemie Longies
Customer service:Beyond excellent customer service - she kept me updated (I didn't have to e-mail for updates). Very proactive and fast shipping even to Canada!
Product review: Beautiful workmanship - the longies were impeccable. I couldn't be more pleased!
2010-10-23 04:13:53
When purchased:
Oct 12, 2010
OOAK Carson Hat
For Newborns
Customer service:Great CS, fast shipping!
Product review: Adorable knit newborn hat, well made. Thank you, I was very excited to win this FFS drawing and look forward to purchasing from you soon :).
2010-10-17 01:19:48
When purchased:
Sep 20, 2010
Item:100% HC$
Crocheted Owl
Customer service:Quick and friendly communication. Surprised my family by including a second owl when she saw I have two kids- what a kind gift to us!
Product review: Owls are adorable. Perfect fall colors, soft and huggable. They are great fall decorations and playtoys.
2010-09-30 12:56:01
When purchased:
Jul 15, 2010
July 2010 Custom
Customer service:I absolutely adore Christine! She's super friendly and has great communication!
Product review: I LOVE Knoodle Knits! Amazing work - not one single flaw, beautifuly knit and Christine really has a great eye for color! I have several KK items and I'm 100% pleased every time! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I WILL be buying from KK again - soon! XOXO!
2010-09-29 05:36:34
When purchased:
Sep 20, 2010
Item:100% HC$
Emma Hat
Customer service:Fantastic! Quick shipping.
Product review: Beautifully knit and the flower is so pretty! Finally a hat that fits my daughter perfectly! Thank you!!!
2010-09-24 06:12:53
When purchased:
Sep 20, 2010
Item:100% HC$
Angelfish Truffles
Newborn Longies
Customer service:Fast shipping! Great costumer service!
Product review: They are so cute and soft! very well made! Love the colors!
2010-09-24 03:43:42
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