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     Hi!  I'm Hadley, the owner and creator of all things Just Hatched & Attached.  Just Hatched & Attached was a dream of mine since I became pregnant with my son.  I began sewing diapers for him and learning about more cloth options, for children and our household in general.
     I wanted to be able to help others to introduce more cloth and less disposable products in their homes, and Just Hatched & Attached was just the way to do that.
     Where did the name originate, you might ask?  Well, as I began planning my business, my little one was "Just Hatched," and as many of you can guess, "Attached" parenting is the style of parenting that I am practicing with my son.
     Another important note:  The store's Grand Opening Date is my son's 1st birthday!  A bittersweet day for me!

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