How To Measure Your Child

Measuring Your Child For Diaper Woolies:
1. Hips: Measure around your child’s bum, right at/above the leg openings of the diaper. (Generally, a hip measurement would be taken at the widest point around the bum and hips.)
2. Rise: Measure from the front at the point where you’d like the top of the bottoms to hit through the legs on up to the back of where you would like the top of the bottoms to hit. Most prefer for this to be 1-1 ˝” above the top of the diaper.
3. Thigh: Do two measurements. Once at an angle along the diaper line. The second, straight around the thigh. Then take an average of these two measurements. This is your thigh measurement. Typically, this will be about ˝ of the hip measurement.
4. Waist: Measure just at, or slightly above, where the top of your child’s diaper ends.
5. Inseam: Measure from the top of the leg at the inside of the crotch to where you would like the bottoms to end.

Measurement instructions provided by Freckle

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