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Caring for your Hipster Fluff

In this section I have found through trial and error that the following procedure has prolonged and increased the life of my product that I wish to share with you.


In sequential order, you should:

  • 1. Cold rinse without detergent; which is the removal of any unwanted residue.
  • 2. Hot wash with cloth diaper safe detergent; the hot water cycle will sanitize and of course, wash your diapers.
  • 3. Two cold rinses, usually until there are no visible bubbles; doing so will remove any soap built up in the diaper, this keeps your little ones bum comfy in their Hipster Fluff!

I recommend shells to hang dry, if that is not an option that suits your needs, the next best alternative is drying on low heat. At least once a month, the outer-shell should be dried on high-heat to seal and maximize the effects of the PUL, caused by normal wear and tear on the diaper.

Something to keep in mind, during the prep process the materials for soakers are washed three times, however, it may take up to 7 wash cycles after receiving the Hipster Fluff to achieve full absorbency!


The underwear can be washed normally, usually it is best to wash with like colors.


I recommend that scarves be washed on a delicate cycle, with like colors, on either warm or cold.

Should be dried on low heat or hung to dry.

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