African Mudbath (2 sizes)


9" or 14" (top of head to toe) cotton sherpa elephant, hand dyed to look authentically muddy. Stuffed with wool, embroidered eyes and mouth and wool felt heart. 

African Mudbath (2 sizes)

African Mudbath (2 sizes)

African Mudbath (2 sizes)

Tags: Waldorf Elephant Lovey

Please contact me for multiple item purchases as I am happy to adjust your shipping costs! :o)

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9 in... $25.00 each
Weighted 9 in... $30.00 each
14 in... $35.00 each
Weighted 14 in... $40.00 each
Add vest 9 inch... $7.00 each
Add vest 14 inch... $12.00 each

The price is $25.00 and the number available is 16.

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