Custom order: Saxon - Knight of the Rainbow Shield


  Custom order for your very own knight friend - you choose hair color and yarn, skin tone, eye color and shape, choose any of my body styles: Classic, Hybrid or Button Jointed.   Ready to fight all the monsters and keep peace in the kingdom, Saxon is a 16" doll, made of organic cotton doll skin knit stuffed with wool, lightly scented with lavender. Facial hair is an option. He is wearing cotton velour pants and a lace up front cotton tunic under his crocheted wool chain mail top, hand dyed wool felt belt, boots, helmet, sword and rainbow shield with an antique button. 

 Available as an Add On,  Hobby Horse has a smoothly sanded cedar stick (still with a bit of bark for a rustic look) and  is made of hand dyed cotton sherpa stuffed with wool, wool yarn mane, button eyes, fancy yarn bridle, wool felt inner ears.  

*New* Due to popular demand, now available as an Add On is my new horse! Horse is made of hand dyed organic cotton velour stuffed with wool. He has wool felt eyes, a mane of various wool and mohair yarns, wool felt hooves, and comes with a saddle and bridle made of wool felt. He is stocky and built to support a Waldorf Doll rider up to 16" and maybe 18" tall. You can choose horse body and mane colors.

Prices on Horse and Hobby Horse reflect and include additional shipping charges for them. 

Custom order: Saxon - Knight of the Rainbow Shield

Custom order: Saxon - Knight of the Rainbow Shield

Custom order: Saxon - Knight of the Rainbow Shield

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Shipping same to US and Canada. I am happy to combine shipping with multiple item purchases. I also take USPS money orders.

Shipping options:


Knight... $290.00 each
Hobby Horse... $85.00 each
Fingers... $8.00 each

The price is $290.00 and the number available is 4.

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