Welcome to Happy Beans Design!!! More designs and covers coming soon! I will also be adding wool longies and covers to the store throughout November to get ready for the chilly months ahead!

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Fleece Diaper Cover


Fleece is a wonderful material to use for cloth diapering! 

1.  Fleece is breathable.  This means that air can flow to your baby's bottom and makes your baby more comfortable. 

2.  It is water-resistant, meaning that urine will not make it's way through.  All Happy Beans Design fleece diaper covers are 2 layers of fleece for added protection.  (It is not water-proof, so if the fitted or prefold gets very saturated, it may leak with pressure.)

3.  Fleece dries very quickly.  

4.  You can use your fleece diaper cover several times before it needs to be washed, as long as it doesn't get soiled by #2's.

5.  Fleece is so soft and cuddly.  You won't have to worry about fleece covers rubbing against your child.

6.  Fleece is very durable!  It can last through a ton of washings, and still perform the same as it did the first day you put it on your baby.

*Happy Beans Design fleece covers need to be worn over a fitted or prefold. 

*Happy Beans Design fleece covers have two layers for added leak protection!

*All Happy Beans Design fleece diaper covers are already prepped for use using all natural laundry detergents and softeners.

*To wash:  You can wash covers with your other cloth diapers.  Better yet, throw it in with your regular clothes with some fabric softener.  This will help keep the fleece water-resistant.

*Hang to dry.  This will help reduce pilling of fleece.  Drying in the dryer will affect the durability of the snaps over time.

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