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Fact: A woman will fill a box truck with over 16,800 disposable pads or tampons in the landfill over her menstruating years!  You could make that 25-50 cloth pads.

So you're checking out re-usable cloth pads?  
That's GREAT!  It's super easy, and in case you're a little grossed out by the idea (like I was 10 years ago), let me assure you that it's really not as bad as you might think - or maybe experienced with another brand.  Go With The Flo pads are made with ingenious simplicity.  Unlike other brands that have to be stuffed or layered first, our pads simply snap around underwear in one ready-to-wear piece.  
  After changing your pad, you can store it in one of our convenient zippered bags which keeps everything locked in until wash time.  No hand rinsing necessary!  
  Maybe the idea of hand rinsing is just too much, or maybe - like most of us - you just don't have the time to bother.  No worries!  Just run a cold rinse cycle first before normal washing.  Our pads rarely stain, so no special care is needed.  
The benefits of switching to cloth pads are immediate. The beautiful colors and luxurious comfort actually makes you look forward to your moon time!  Use the THREE EASY STEPS below to help guide you on your way to a healthier period.  And please, come back to tell us how Go With The Flo has worked for you.    
  • 1. Add up the number of time you change your pads and/or tampons in one 24hr period.  Multiply that number by the number of days your flo lasts.
    Example: 3 medium/heavy days at 6 pads per day, 2 light days 3 per day. Total 24 pads.

  • 2. Pick the style and size to fit your body.
    Petite sizes are narrower in the center (measuring 2.25-2.5" across) and slightly tapered in front and back to conform to girls and women with a small to medium build. Standard sizes are wider in the center (measuring 2.5-2.75" across) and slightly flared in front and back to conform to girls and women with a larger build. Standard sizes work well for dependable night protection on all builds.     Go With The Flo pads come in several lengths and 3 absorbency levels (Mini, Maxi, Super) so you can get exactly what you like.  The most popular sizes are the 6" Petite Mini, 8" Petite Maxi, 9" Standard Mini, and 11" Standard Maxi.                                                                                                      Our new Shaped Series features a new technology that gradually gives more absorbency towards the center of the pad, keeping the pad trim and discreet while offering maximum protection where you need it most.  Shaped pads come in 2 sizes (10" and 12") and 2 absorbency levels (maxi and super).

    Please CONTACT US with any questions along the way; we are happy to help with you Go With The Flo!

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