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Recycle Diapers
Pattern #404
By the time my son David reached 10 months old, he had gotten so big around that he outgrew our set of one-size diapers. In desperation, I looked around for something to make some new diapers out of - something inexpensive, really absorbent, and easy to come by. Spotting a pile of clothes waiting to be taken to the thrift-shop, I figured I could try my hand at recycling! I had seen it done years before by Lori of Fuzbaby, so I knew the cotton t-shirt knit would be perfect.....but I wasn't so sure about the denim. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that that single layer of denim boosted the absorbency of the diaper enough to be considered "nighttime weight"!
Thus, the Recycle Diaper was born!

Here is Davey, modelling one of his signature Recycle Diapers. This chunky little man in his cool orange-trimmed diaper graced the front page of the Fern & Faerie website for the first couple of years.

Originally, Recycle Diapers were made with a sewn-in internal soaker pad, and came with a snap-in stay-dry fleece liner/cotton doubler combo. Customers liked the wide, contoured shape of the fleece liner, and the adjustability of the fold-out doubler design.

Some customers, however, became frustrated with the long drying-time needed for the internal-soaker style diapers. In response, we developed the Quick Dry Recycle Diaper with our special 2-piece Convertable Absorbency Insert. These are a pocket-style fitted diaper, with the insert stuffed inside the diaper through an opening in the back. This design made both diapering and washing easier - with the insert inside the diaper, there were no floppy pieces to get in the way of a squirmy baby. And with the 2-piece insert, we were able to include enough layers for excellent absorbency while still keeping the pieces thin enough to dry quickly!

Both the Original Recycle Diaper with the Deluxe Doubler/Liner and the Quick-Dry Recycle Diaper with the Convertable Absorbency Insert are included in the pattern. You'll be amazed at the gorgeous creations you can make, using a bag of old t-shirts, blue jeans, and a bit of imagination!

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