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There are so many families that could benefit from using cloth diapers, but do not have the funds to start their initial "stash" of diapers.  Even though using cloth diapers saves a family an enormous amount of money versus using disposable diapers in the long run, there is a much larger up front cost.

Through Blissful Bums' Hooah Fluff program, we hope to pass on the benefits of using cloth diapers to many families who otherwise would not be able to make the initial investment in cloth.

In addition to our Hooah Fluff program, we will also gladly accept any cloth diapering (diapers, inserts, cloth wipes, wetbags, etc) or monetary donations to build up the initial stash for each one of our deserving families.  For information on how to donate to or to apply for the HOOAH FLUFF program, please email:

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