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Premium Insert Set of Two- Amethyst and Agate Galaxy Colorway Premium Insert Set of Two- Amethyst and Agate Galaxy Colorway
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4 layer contour inserts- top layer is hand dyed organic bamboo velour, then there is one layer of heavy bamboo fleece, then a layer or zorb, then a layer of pul on the bottom insert and a 4th layer of bamboo fleece on the top insert. Please wash inserts once before use in case there is washable maker on them. 

Each insert will have a double sides snap on it (so other inserts can be snapped on top). 

**Please Note: You will receive two inserts cut from the same colorway fabric, the photos are just a stock photo of the color way** Also the color on your screen may differ slightly from the actual color of the inserts.

Tags: CreakingWood, All in Two, cloth diaper, Superman, Superhero, AI2, Bamboo, Embroidery, organic
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