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CW MC- Made to Order ANYTIME! CW MC- Made to Order ANYTIME!
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BUILD YOUR OWN ABSORBENCY!! MC ARE MADE TO ORDER- Turn around time is 1-2 weeks, shipping days are once a week. If you request a specific colorway, please allow an extra week in case I need to dye some velour. 

PLEASE NOTE, You are welcome to "hint" at a print you would like to see on your MC in the comments, but it is absolutely not a guarantee. If you select print, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit". My cotton lycra print collection is pretty small, I don't keep much on hand. 

Creaking Wood offers several kinds of MC, so here is an explanation of them!
Liner: One layer of Bamboo Velour
Light: One layer of bamboo velour and one layer of heavy bamboo fleece
Moderate: One layer of bamboo velour and two layers of heavy bamboo fleece
Heavy: One layer of bamboo velour and three layers of heavy bamboo fleece
You can have your core external or hidden. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the hidden style because I prefer external. If you choose external core, the MC will be outer OBV/Print hidden windpro and then another layer of OBV/Print, and then a core with your absorbency layers will be sewn on top of this as shown in all the photos. If you choose hidden core, you MC will have an outer layer of OBV/Print, a hidden layer of Windpro Fleece, then your absorbent core and then a full layer of OBV sewn on top.
CW MC comes in different lengths. 7', 9.5", 12", and 15"

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CW MC- Made to Order ANYTIME!
CW MC- Made to Order ANYTIME!
CW MC- Made to Order ANYTIME!
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