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Product Guarantee Policy

I stand by my work and I want my buyers to be happy with their orders. All sales are final, I will not resell a diaper if it has been on a child. If there is a major functional problem with item, please return it and I will fix the issue to the best of my ability- please read further:

Within the first three months after purchasing, should any stitching come loose, I will fix the item free of charge if returned to me and will cover shipping both ways. This policy also stands for snaps as well, or if somehow the elastic came loose from under it's stitching.  These problems are highly unlikely though.

  I offer this not because I don't trust my products, but because I do trust my performance and want buyers to feel confident in their purchase.  That being said, I can't/won't fix an item if something happens that was not my fault, such as a dog tearing holes in it. I will not fix any normal wear and tear issues either.


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