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Hello! Welcome to Creaking Wood! This is the place to come when you are looking for something you won't see everywhere else! I like to put my own spin on everything I make!

I have a FB BST page that is fairly active and has more information. If you want a custom, you must be a member of the bst page.

I also have a regular FB business page but not much goes on there.

I use all high quality notions and fabric for durability of the product: Gutterman threads and Gutterman's Wooly Nylon on serged products to make them more gentle on baby, high quality elastic made for diapers and high quantity washing. I use premium bamboo fabrics for better absorbency, high quality PUL, 100% wool, KAM polyresin snaps, and I use polyester knits for specialty fabrics because they do not fade or pill like cotton knits. 

Also, all my products are made to be compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Laws and the Federal Trade Commission Labeling Laws.  I go through extra steps to ensure that the products that I sell are completely safe for your little ones!

Everything that I make is one of a kind (not always by choice :) ), these items are not “factory perfect”, they are all hand made by a mother who gets interrupted often by little loved ones. However, I put a lot of effort into them to make them as best as I can. Minor variations and imperfections are a possibility. I will note large/noticeable variations/imperfections in the listing and list as quality seconds/ second quality and lower price depending on imperfections if there is an issue with the diaper, but that's rare. However, should any issue arise with any product, please contact me and I will do my best to make sure that you are pleased with your order. Please read my product guarantee policy as well.  

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