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All of Clean Hippie Soap's products are made from the finest vegetable oils (no lard or animal tallow), essential oils and natural colorants.  No artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives are used, and they are each cut by hand, making each bar unique.  Every hand cut bar is between 3.5 and 5 oz.  With the exception of Oats & Honey, all soaps are 100% vegan.  All are gentle on the skin and safe for everyone in the family.  No preservatives, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are ever used.

My hand knit items are one of a kind in-stock or custom knits for your little one.  For custom knits, the turn around time is 2-3 weeks from the time I receive your yarn, or upon choosing from my in-stock selection.  Payment is due within three days of my emailing you a picture of your finished item.

Almost all of my wool is obtained from small, humane and often organic farms, as I feel it's important to support local and family-run businesses.

I have been a knitter since 2001, and have been addicted ever since.   Once I became pregnant with my daughter, Eleanore, and decided that I would cloth diaper her, my obsession turned to shorties and longies.   However, one girl can only have so much wool, so let me spread my obsession around and knit for your little one.

Wondering why you should use wool over your cloth diapers?  Check out this great link that explains why wool is the perfect choice, even for the summer months.  Wool breaths much better than plastic covers, and far better than plastic disposable diapers.  Wool is a natural, comfortable choice for your baby's bottom and can help prevent diaper rash, as well as provide your family with a green alternative to better our environment.

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