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MI orders will be billed 6% sales tax

every order gets free tracking!!
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We are liquidating ALL stock. 50% off until Nov 14, then the store will be on Facebook ONLY! use coupon code "50gone".. not on custom orders!! and GO!

Return Policy

60 days on workmanship, snaps, seams etc. If there is a manufacture defect in the first 60 days, return it to me, and i will fix it for free.

Partial refunds of 20% of purchase price will be given within 4 weeks of purchase if the product is unusable because of fault on my part.

There are no refunds or returns, you may, however, if the item is unused, trade it for another item of equal or lesser value. This must be done within the first 2 weeks.

If anything is wrong with your product, contact me first, so I know about the issue! :D Thanks, and happy shopping.

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