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Your quilted soakers are relatively unique IME and they ARE nicer. They stay flat and smooth. I have other fitteds, but the soaker fabric gets a little bunchy in the middle. It does kind of bug me, and is why I noticed that yours do not do that. It's an extra step, but it sets you apart.

I love the fit through the crotch, not too wide, not too narrow. How trim and absorbent they are.

I think that $29 for the os is a fantastic deal, especially because I KNOW that you spend the time and effort on you diapers and hand cut each piece and select what materials you use. You're not a manufacturer, you're an artist. Your diapers are the only ones that fit (name removed to protect privacy) well with leaving marks on him. The materials are high quality, you care about your consumer, and you ship in a timely manner. I won't buy big box diapers because there is no customer service like yours.

G wore his tye-die diaper yesterday during nap (so he had it on for 2 hours) WITHOUT a cover and it was DRY (on the outside) when he woke up!!

I only have 2 of them but I love them and want like... a million more! They are super trim but still will fit him for a very long time. I love the long tabs, they are super absorbent, and just all around well made! G isn't a heavy wetter but I was still nervous taking him out in the hybrid fitted without a cover. But we were gone for about 4 hours, with him being up and down, in the stroller, in the carrier, in the cart, on my hip, etc. and the outside and leg holes never leaked or even got wet. Part of that time he was asleep and he usually wets the most during his naps!

Bumstoppers are the trimmest fitteds w/closure that we have tried. I always expect them to leak faster b/c they are less fluffy, but they don't. They hold up just as well :) Also I love that you quilted the soakers. They look much nicer after lots of washing. You have a TON of fabric options for customs, too, which is great.

DryBums users

In fact, the fitteds I have from you are the ONLY diapers I trust at night, especially with a wool cover.

There aren't trimmer night diapers out there that work for overnight.

My verdict on Drybums........AWESOME!!!! We didn't even use the extra two layer soaker - just the regular one and the fleece topped one, and the outside front was barely damp this morning after sleeping 10.5-11 hrs!!!!!! This is a great night time solution!

I LOVE it. I used all of the layers of soakers, and the outside was just a little damp (normally the outsides are soaking). He was in it for 12 hours.

These are, by far, the most absorbent night diapers I have tried. After only 1 wash this diaper lasted the entire night! This is a front snapping diaper, which I prefer. It makes for easy changes in the middle of the night. All soakers snap in, with the exception of a fleece topped soaker for next to baby. IMO this diaper is the clear overnight winner.  With these I don't use a cover at night. My DS sleeps in lightweight fleece footed PJs. The diaper is just slightly damp on the outside - he is in them for 11 hours at night.


The external rise features high quality OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified snaps.  The rise snaps snap down into the lower snaps-allowing for an expandable rise from 13" to 19".  Add in the unique cross over snap feature and you have a diaper that fits all the way to potty training.

We now offer fold over rise as well.  It allows the rise to be customized from 14" to 19".

My fitted diapers are made with high quality stretchy  cotton knit  outer.  Makes great fun for both baby and caregivers alike! We feel that just the right print is very important in making that special diaper for your baby.  We spend lots of time searching for high quality, different than the normal prints to create diapers from.  Sometimes these prints run higher in cost, but we feel that the difference in creating a special Bumstoppers is well worth the extra few dollars. 

  The hidden middle layer features bamboo interlock  for long term stretch and the ultimate super softness over the life of your diaper.  The inner is made of cotton velour (80% cotton velour/20% poly) , ensuring nothing but softness touches your baby.  A six layer soaker is topped with cotton velour  and is serged for excellent long term wear, then are sewn in quick dry fashion in order to provide excellent absorbency but not take forever to dry. The smooth side of the bamboo is all that you will see on Bumstoppers™ soakers which also helps maintain that new look!!  Soakers are also sewn from side to side to help with curling and shifting within the soaker.   Soakers snap into the diaper shell so the absorbency stays where YOU want it - no shifting!

Additional boasters can be added including, but not limited to, bamboo/zorb combos, pedal 3 layer doublers, and fleece topped full length soakers.  All soaker materials feature a blend of heavy weight and medium weight  Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified bamboo fleece (70% bamboo/30% organic cotton).  This material is superb over other materials as the amount of toxic chemicals in processing is highly reduced.  Bamboo is highly absorbent and long wearing, which is important when using a one size diaper.

Inners can also be made up of fleece or procool for the ultimate in stay dry feeling.  Back and leg elastics help contain even the messiest explosion. This elastic also helps give the diaper a trimmer fit.  The entire diaper is turned and top stitched to help contain messes, plus is the softest and gentlest finish on your precious baby's skin.

Hybrid Fitteds

Hybrids feature all the same materials and features as the regular fitteds with one major change.  The hidden layer in the shell is replaced with fleece to keep wetness from coming outside on the print as fast.  The middle layer of the soaker has also been replaced with fleece for an additional barrier.    No cover is required with this diaper, however many be necessary to prevent compression wicking. 

All in Two's

My  all in two diapers are made with polyurethane laminated fabric (PUL) and do not require a cover. The inner is made of a layer of bamboo,cotton velour, or micro fleece. A six layer bamboo soaker is topped with cotton velour and is sewn in quick dry fashion in order to provide the best absorbency. Back and leg elastics help contain even the messiest explosion. Ai2's are available one size to suit your diapering needs from birth through potty training. Back and leg elastics help contain even the messiest explosion.


My fleece footies are made with antipill fleece and feature knit on the top of the footies. Coordinating anti pill fleece on the bottom of the footie makes it super soft for a newborn. Elastic waist helps contain even the messiest newborn explosion, while allowing room for growing. Fleece footies are an affordable way to cover up your fitted diapers. Care for your fleece footies is easy, simply wash with your regular laundry. If you wish to make your fleece footies more water resistant just add some fabric softener to your wash.


My recycled wool footies are made with recycled cable wool and feature knit on the top of the footies. Matching wool on the bottom of the footie makes it super soft for a newborn. Elastic waist helps contain even the messiest newborn explosion, while allowing room for growing. You will need to hand wash these with wool wash or baby shampoo, lanolize and lay flat to dry.

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