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TONS of toys instock on Etsy

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When purchased:
Nov 20, 2011
Item:Baby's First Waldorf Doll - Bunting Style - Blue & Green LWI
Customer service:fast shipping, great communications
Product review: beautiful doll
2012-02-15 04:33:08
When purchased:
Nov 4, 2011
Item:Custom for Liz - Baby's First Waldorf Doll
Customer service:Great communication!
Product review: High quality item. Customized to perfection!
2011-11-24 09:28:04
When purchased:
Oct 1, 2011
Item:Custom for Sharie
Customer service:Amazing as always :) Gail is so friendly. Made the custom snake and shipped so quickly I couldn't believe it.
Product review: The quality of Gails toys are AMAZING!! You wont' be disappointed. I can't wait for my girls to open their new Bright Life Toys :)
2011-10-12 02:44:22
When purchased:
May 24, 2011
Item:Want to Leave Feedback?
Customer service:Fast shipping, great communication, sweet mama to work with!
Product review: Adorable little Gnomes! Really well made, excellent attention to detail! Will be buying more soon ;)
2011-05-24 01:30:44
When purchased:
Nov 27, 2010
Item:Autumn the Elephant
Customer service:Good
Product review: Beautiful elephant :)
2011-02-26 04:02:14
When purchased:
Feb 10, 2011
Item:Custom Listing for Nicole
Customer service:Really, really great! Communication was prompt and shipping was very fast.
Product review: I absolutely love the sushi set. It is really well made, and very pretty.
2011-02-22 04:11:22
When purchased:
Feb 15, 2011
Item:Want to Leave Feedback?
Customer service:Great communication and quick turn around time.
Product review: Wonderful product. My little one was in love with it in just a few days. Amazing craftmanship.
2011-02-19 08:29:51
When purchased:
Dec 12, 2010
Item:Dark Prism II
Customer service:Awesome communication.
Product review: Gorgeous and well made.
2010-12-21 09:14:41
When purchased:
Nov 26, 2010
Item:Crinkly Giraffe Teether
Customer service:Shipped very quickly!
Product review: Super cute! It's a Christmas gift so I won't know how ds likes it until then.
2010-12-13 07:50:34
When purchased:
Nov 26, 2010
Item:Swirl Dyed Elephant - Purple & Blue
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Adorable and soft and silky. my little one will love it.
2010-12-05 03:07:08
When purchased:
Nov 26, 2010
Item:Girlie Sensory Clutch Ball Mini
Customer service:Great communication! Super nice and accommodating.
Product review: Love the mini sensory clutch ball and the bean bags! They are both going into my two daughter's Christmas stockings. Great construction, super soft, and look exactly how I pictured them.
2010-12-04 09:13:21
When purchased:
Nov 1, 2010
Item:Custom Listing for Wendy
Customer service:Gail is wonderful. I had seen the make-up bag when she first introduced it. My 4 yr old DGD saw it too. She kept asking about it and checking the mail.So I contacted Gail and asked if she was going to be stocking any more before Christmas. She offered to do a custom for me and got it done and out to me in a week!
Product review: Well made and very realistic. My DGD is going to be so excited on Christmas morning.
2010-12-04 08:08:06
When purchased:
Nov 26, 2010
Item:Rainbow Pancake Breakfast
Customer service:Bright Life Toys has top notch customer service! Any question I had was answered promptly and thoroughly. Shipping is very timely and my packages always arrive looking neat and in order.
Product review: I have various felt food from Bright Life Toys. My daughter absolutely loves them and they have been very durable. She always picks them out to play with over our plastic food. They are so well made and adorable!
2010-12-03 09:11:16
When purchased:
Nov 26, 2010
Item:Marvin the Monkey HC$ BIN
Customer service:great, fast shipping
Product review: super cute! thanks for offering up a deal and making black friday so fun!
2010-12-02 10:53:45
When purchased:
Nov 26, 2010
Item:Mini Sensory Bean Bags
Customer service:Gail is a pleasure to work with. She even let me know other stores where I could find her items, just in case it sold out before I could get it. She's the best!
Product review: These things are perfect. They've got a variety of textures, are just the right size for my babies, and have such great vibrant colors. I'm so happy with this purchase.
2010-12-01 04:19:41
When purchased:
Nov 26, 2010
Item:11" Rainbow Playsilks - Set of 6
Customer service:Gail is wonderful! Absolutely perfect customer services and nice to work with!
Product review: These playsilks are the perfect size for tiny hands. They have a lot of movement are are so vibrant. Excellent!
2010-12-01 04:16:53
When purchased:
Oct 25, 2010
Item:Antaeus the Elephant
Customer service:BLT is the most awesome vendor on Hyena! <3
Product review: Antaeus is going to make a little boy VERY happy this Christmas - he's cute, soft, squishy and constructed beautifully! :)
2010-11-09 08:45:31
When purchased:
Oct 25, 2010
Item:Bluebell the Elephant
Customer service:Very fast shipping, thanks!
Product review: Love the obv elephant. It will be a xmas gift for my 17 month old. He is a huge fan of obv and has two "blankee's" that he carts everywhere. I'm sure he will just love the elephant too. Beautiful job on the dye! Thanks.
2010-11-06 10:59:49
When purchased:
Oct 25, 2010
Item:35" Orange Playsilk - FFS
Customer service:Super fast shipping, always a pleasure to work with.
Product review: Very vibrant, beautiful color. Top quality playsilk.
2010-10-30 10:17:25
When purchased:
Mar 26, 2010
Item:Bright Life Toys and Bellibowbottoms Easter Collab!
Customer service:Ships fast as always.
Product review: Great collab and we were very happy to receive it!
2010-10-06 10:20:40
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