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Designed to be big enough give good coverage (in the age range), but small enough to not annoy your child.  They're not designed to handle large messes (like cake and ice cream) but everyday foods (like breakfast cereal).  See below for why I love my bibs!

  • NEW DESIGN: Both the baby and toddler bib sizes are now longer!  Bibs with the new design may be identified with a square tab instead of a round one.
  • All items are already made and ready to be shipped.
  • The item photographed may not be the exact item you get (but it'll be just as good!)
  • All bibs are turned and top-stitched, no scratchy thread rubbing against your baby's neck. 
  • A 'reversible' bib is when it does not have same print on both sides.
  • I sew high quality bibs.  I align patterns in a pleasing way and always use coordinating thread and snap colors.
  • All bibs are pre-washed and using a 'free and clear' detergent.  Minor shrinking may occur.
  • The fabric, thread and snaps are both lead and phthalate free.  They come from a pet-free, smoke free home

Baby Bibs offer good coverage for babies 4 - 12 months.  They are designed to cover the front of a shirt (assuming a highchair tray covers the pants). The neck will fit older children, but don't offer as much coverage.

Baby Bib
Baby BibBaby Bib
Baby Bib on a large 4 Month Old
Baby Bib on an average 5 Month Old
Baby Bib on an average 12 month old

Toddler Bibs offer good coverage for toddlers 1 -2 years.  They are designed to cover the front and shoulders of a shirt (assuming a highchair tray covers the pants).  With the extra snap setting they fit babies as well, but may be too large to be comfortable.  They still fit kids over 2 years, but I'm assuming they move out of a highchair and more shirt coverage is needed.  This is the size to get if you want to use one size bib for all ages.

Toddler Bib on BabyToddler Baby Bib
An extra snap is added to help fit babies as well.Designed to fit toddlers 12 months and up. 
(Older Design Bib shown on a petite 2 year old, using the extra snap setting)

Preschool Bibs offer good coverage for kids 1-4 years.  They are designed to cover the front and shoulders of a shirt.  They are longer than the toddler bibs, but are a similar top design.

Same great shape as our toddler bibs, now waterproof!  One layer of absorbent flannel backed with waterproof PUL helps protect from wet foods like applesauce, ice cream, soup and drinks.

Toddler Bib on Baby
Waterproof Bib on a 20lb baby

Why do I LOVE my bibs?

I received a ton of bibs when I was pregnant with my first (as many new moms do).  There were bib that came with outfits,  typical "I Love Mommy" terrycloth bibs, some cheaper dollar store-type bibs, and some handmade ones.  Big, tiny, soft, scratchy, velcro, ties, metal snaps, thick, thin, waterproof, and everything in between.  Really, a full spectrum... and I didn't like any of them. 

My biggest complaint... Velcro!  Ugh!  For a while I just tossed them in with my daughters clothes, but they would get stuck to everything (even when shut). After several frayed outfits, I resolved to wash them only with washclothes... worked for a while, until they started tearing apart my washclothes too.  The loop side of the Velcro  started failing at about a year, but the hook side worked fine... so they wouldn't stay around my daughters neck, but they still stick to everything else in the wash.  So frustrating!  I had 30 bibs, but none worked!  The ones with ties and metal snaps were difficult to put around my daughters neck, but were bearable.

Skip forward a little, I start sewing more, start cloth diapering, making my own diapers, and then bought a snap press.  Woot! The first thing I did was convert all of them...  but I found most of the bibs still had their own little problems (mainly the wrong size/shape).  After the switch, I found that the bibs I grabbed for first were always the simple, handmade, turned and top-stitched bibs.

So I freecycled the ones I didn't like that still had life in them and started making my own, using my own pattern.  Yup, I found a winner.  Perfect for everyday use, easy on, easy off, cute prints, and I can wash them in any load. 

Pocket Diapers

One Size Pocket Diaper - Small Setting
Small Setting
One Size Pocket Diaper - Small Setting
Medium Setting
One Size Pocket Diaper - Large Setting
Large Setting

Large Opening
The soft microfleece inner wicks moisture away from  baby's bottom and resists staining.  The crossover tab allows you to roll up diapers to fit tightly in a diaper bag. 
Diaper Bean!

Diaper shown on a 2.5 year old weighing about 23 pounds.

35lbs Diaper Shown on a 4.5 year old weighing about 35 pounds.  This child is well past potty training, but the diaper still fits.

Fitted Diapers

Baby Booties

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