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I am a mom of three wonderful kiddos ranging from grade-school to toddler.  (more here). I joined hyenacart almost 4 years ago while I was a SAHM of a my toddlers.  Sewing has always been part of my life, but once my daughter was born my interest went way up. 

For the past 2 years I've worked full time as a mechanical engineer, but I still like to make time for sewing.  I don't get orders shipped out as quickly as I used to, but items will still ship within a few days.  Let me know if you need a rush order (and we ship from the New England area).

I love designing my own patterns, and aim for both attractiveness and functionality.  I really like bright colors and cute prints... so I tend to stay away from more traditional pinks and blues, baby rattle prints, etc.  I also post some plans/guides on my site.

Why Blue Dinosaurs?

The name "BlueDinosaurs" comes from a videogame my husband made. (Download it here.) Its real title is 'Frank the Dinosaur' and in it is a surprisingly moving fast blue dinosaur. Every time it ran on the screen my daughter would yell, "Ah!  A Blue Dinosaur!" and then giggle like crazy.  So the game became Blue Dinosaurs to us...  and well, I thought it was a cute game. So, why not name my store after it?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my site...  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at cassie@bluedinosaurs.com

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