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Vintage White Nowell ceramic Christmas Tree Vintage White Nowell ceramic Christmas Tree
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This ceramic tree is made up of 3 pieces. The main tree, 1 ring extender that is already attached to the main tree and a wired base to light up the trees multi colored twist lights(included). The large star is also included! The lights and star are NOT GLUED IN. The base comes with a switch cord to turn the bulb on and off.

We pour the tree, ring and base in our shop. We line them up and let them dry together to ensure the best fit possible. Sometimes the fit is not perfect, so light can be seen through the layers. We recommend putting white felt between the rings and tree to minimize light shining through.

This Ceramic Christmas tree will bring back memories of times past!

It measures approximately 18 inches from base to tip.

You are purchasing a finished, handcrafted ceramic tree. It is glazed and comes wired, ready to light up.
It includes the star and multicolored random twist lights.

We handcraft each tree, so each one is just a little different. We start the process with slip (a liquid clay) that we pour into a large and HEAVY mold. After a close watch of about an hour, the tree and base molds are dumped of excess liquid. They then sit overnight to set up. The next day we take the clay form out of the mold, clean the mold, and strap it back up. The tree get holes placed into it for the twist lights. It then has to dry for a couple days before we clean the seams off and scrub them down. Once dry, we can fire the pieces in our kiln. The kiln reaches up to 2000 degrees! They stay in the kiln for about 24 hours before we can remove them. Now comes the hand glazing. We paint 3 coats of paint on the tree and base, let them dry and fire them in the kiln again. The base is now ready to be wired. Your tree is carefully packed and boxed up and is on itís way to itís new loving home
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Vintage White Nowell ceramic Christmas Tree
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